What is indirect procurement?

Indirect procurement, direct savings

When it comes to procurement activities, you probably spend a lot of time focusing on the goods and services directly related to what you do—products for your retail shelves, parts for your manufacturing plant, staff to treat your patients. But you also have other needs that are essential to running your day-to-day operations such as IT, HR, facilities, and marketing. These indirect procurement expenses can account for anywhere from 38-70% of a company's overall spend, depending on your business. Optimizing your indirect procurement can be a source of considerable savings.

Coupa's Procurement software lets you better manage both your direct and indirect procurement, for increased efficiency and real cost savings across everything you do. Our intuitive interface enables everyone in your organization to get what they need at competitive rates, while giving you greater visibility into your company's collective spend. This means you can identify and realize savings on everything, including your indirect procurement expenses. Plus, Coupa's unified suite is an end-to-end solution, which means all of our applications learn from and share with each other. Coupa Sourcing works even better with Procurement and Invoicing—they don't just work side-by-side, they work together. That's why we're the industry leading procure-to-pay solution.

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Indirect Procurement with Coupa


Give your employees a single place to get all the goods and services they need simply and quickly, so they can get back to work


High Adoption

Employees love Coupa's automation and touchless features—they get more done, and you get more out of their time. Plus, higher adoption is key to greater spend visibility, and management



With Coupa's indirect spend management software, build contract compliance into your indirect procurement processes too, so you comply while you buy.



Speed up your approval process for indirect procurement with quick and easy mobile tools, like actionable emails and alerts so you can stay focused on the important things.



Coupa's unified suite streamlines your purchasing requisition and PO process across the board, saving you time and money across your entire organization.



Get real-time budgeting visibility into indirect procurement, that lets you see where you are before you purchase or approve with indirect procurement software from Coupa.


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