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For many companies, the procurement to pay process flow is stalled out because of legacy purchasing systems, multiple ERPs, and dispersed supplier information. Inefficient procurement to pay systems make compliance difficult and out of contract spend a high probability. But new cloud-based software technologies are enabling companies to connect these traditionally manual processes with a powerful, unified Procure to Pay (P2P) solution. Now, you can bring all of your purchase-to-pay processes under a single, easy-to-use platform.

Coupa’s cloud-based, unified suite gives you a Procure to Pay solution that connects your entire organization’s spend—from sourcing and requisitions to invoicing and payments. Coupa's Procure to Pay process flow integrates with multiple ERPs, so you have a single Procure to Pay system across all your suppliers, for every employee, and for all your business needs. Coupa integrates easily into your daily workflows and routines, so your employees won’t need a lot of training to learn how to use it. They can get more done, and you can get more value out of their time. Your suppliers can get going fast too, and with no supplier fees they’ll love using Coupa’s Open Business Network. All they need is an email address. And better adoption means better spend management. With Coupa's Procure to Pay P2P system, you have everything you need for better spend optimization, more savings, and a higher ROI.

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Paystream 2016 P2P Report

In this report, Paystream evaluated Procure-to-Pay solutions from 15 software vendors across 12 categories. Coupa received the highest score for “proficiency” and the report noted Coupa “features include high user appeal due to easy PO creation and intuitive shopping interfaces, configurable approval workflows, and real-time visibility.”


Coupa Procure to Pay (P2P) Solutions


Coupa’s P2P Procure to Pay solutions speeds up everyone’s work, saving you precious labor hours and helping you get more out of your employees.


Higher Adoption

Coupa P2P software is simple to use, so your suppliers and employees will get up to speed fast with minimal training. Because they’ve got better things to do.



Connect sourcing to buying, and buying to paying, to ensure savings are realized across your organization at every step of your spend.



Our Procure to Pay cloud-based software integrates quickly with your existing systems and ERPs, so you bring it all together in the cloud and start saving fast.



Connect sourcing to buying, and buying to paying, to ensure savings are realized across your organization at every step of your spend.


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