Purchase Order Management Software Solution

Simple Purchase Order Management Software to Maximize Spend Under Management

With Coupa’s Purchase Order Management Software, you get maximum flexibility for creating and sending purchase orders so you can get more spend under management. You no longer have to worry about how you get purchase orders or what format the purchase orders are in. Coupa’s Purchase Order Management Software handles them all.

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Coupa’s Purchase Order Management Software's guided buying experience makes it easy for your people to find what they need.  Purchase requisitions are automatically created, defaulting the appropriate account codes. With the cloud based purchase order system, purchase requisitions are automatically routed to the appropriate approvers and then converted to purchase orders as many as necessary. With Coupa’s Purchase Order Management Software, there's no more manual processing, faxing, and data re-entry. Send purchase orders from Coupa to Suppliers any way you like - email, portal, cXML or EDI.


Get Started Quickly and Easily

Every document you send reflects on your company and purchase orders are no exception. Coupa’s cloud based Purchase Order Management Software system makes it easy to customize both the look of your purchase orders and the information included. Your customizations will look the same regardless of how they are delivered to suppliers.

Keep Off-Catalog Spend Under Management

The Superbar request experience lets you maximize spend under management by letting users create cloud based purchase requisitions for any item from any supplier, and put it through the normal purchase order system for approval.

Purchase Order Handling

The Purchase Order Management Software's Recent Orders section gives you at-a-glance tracking status on all your purchase orders, with pertinent details like order date and supplier, and click-through access to the purchase order and original purchase requisition.

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