Purchase Requisition Software System

The more your employees use Coupa, the more spend you have under management. That’s why our procurement software makes it dead simple for them to shop and create purchase requisitions for whatever they need, whether it’s in your catalogs or not.

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Coupa's procurement software breaks down one of the limitations of traditional e-procurement systems: purchase requisitions are often limited by the catalogs hosted in the system and by punchout suppliers approved by the purchasing organization.


Guided Buying Experience

When your employees have a need, Coupa’s purchase requisitions software system gently guides them towards filling that need in the right way.  From bubbling preferred items to the top of search results to taking account of contracted benefits such as preferred pricing and volume discounts, doing the right thing is easy for users with Coupa’s purchase requisitions software system.


Rather than hoping that employees study purchasing requisition policies in an employee handbook or intranet, Coupa’s purchase requisitions software system embeds your purchasing requisition policies directly in the buying experience.  Purchasing requisition policies are displayed to users within the application screens where appropriate. Your procurement team is freed up from manually reviewing purchase requisition for policy violations with options to inform users or strictly enforce purchasing policies.

Consistency for any Need

The purchase requisition process, including your routing and approvals, gives consistency any employee need.  With Coupa’s purchase requisitions software system, when employees have needs outside of what they can find in your catalogs and vendor punch-outs, web forms and free-form requests ensure that these needs are consistently captured and handled.

Routing and Approvals

Automatic routing and approval rules give you operational efficiency as well as a record keeping.  With Coupa’s purchase requisitions software system, approvers can easily understand where they sit in the approval chain and who has already approved, as well as the transaction detail that  they need to effectively make a decision.  Email and mobile approvals free up your business from waiting for decision makers to return to the office.

Budget Impact

With Coupa’s purchase requisitions software system, approvers can quickly understand the budget impact of a request before making a decision.  A simple table summarizes the budget remaining, the impact of the request, and any other in-flight requests.

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