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Sourcing Optimization

Optimize Strategic Awards and Complex Categories

Optimize complex categories with the ability to incorporate complex business requirements and categories such as logistics, packaging, and more. Use advanced mathematical optimization to identify optimal solutions.
  • Deliver Optimal Solutions

    Model complex requirements, run scenarios, and use mathematical optimization to evaluate all aspects of supplier offers and identify optimal solutions.

  • Improve Sourcing Productivity

    Quickly launch events by cloning spreadsheets, events, or projects and run complex analyses to accelerate decision-making and maximize scarce resources.

  • Give Visibility to Decision Making

    Give stakeholders a single dashboard and user experience for real-time visibility into event progress and results.

  • Deliver Optimal Solutions
  • Improve Sourcing Productivity
  • Give Visibility to Decision Making
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Model Complex Requirements in Structured Events

Consistently capture data from suppliers for apples-to-apples comparisons across business requirements, risk factors, Corporate Social Responsibility considerations, and more. Easily manage complex evaluation criteria and categories to enable bid assessments based on what is valuable to the company.

Achieve Optimal Solutions with Optimization

Uncover ideal solutions that cannot be discovered any other way with Coupa's advanced optimization algorithms. Quickly identify alternative solutions and multiple scenarios, taking into account as many business criteria and constraints as necessary. Ask unlimited "what if?" questions.

Invite Creative Bids from Suppliers

Flexible bidding empowers suppliers to make their best offers. By grouping items together themselves, suppliers can express their strengths. Varying elements such as volume discounts or payment terms also enable them to consider multiple scenarios.

Incorporate Risk and Compliance into Award Criteria

Beyond pre-screening of suppliers for Financial, compliance, and other types of risks, you can incorporate risk and policy compliance goals into into award criteria. From promoting Diverse suppliers to penalizing sole-source decisions, you get the flexibility you need to truly optimize awards.

Immediately Pass Sourcing Results into Contract to Capture Value

With Coupa, the results of completed sourcing events flow directly into Coupa’s Contract Lifecycle Management, automatically and intelligently initiating the contracting process.
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Streamline Event Administration

Remove the administrative burden of managing complex sourcing events and enhance communication between buyers and suppliers with fully configurable and automated project workflows.

Get Events Moving Quickly

Increase sourcing efficiency and get new projects off the ground faster with prebuilt templates and the ability to clone existing spreadsheets, events, and projects.