Information Security (InfoSec) Compliance

Ensure Compliance with InfoSec Policy and Regulations

Information Security (InfoSec) Compliance

Ensure Compliance with InfoSec Policy and Regulations

Prevent Information Security Incidents from Across Your Supply Chain

Protect your sensitive information, safeguard your brand reputation, and avoid penalties from regulators by digitizing your InfoSec risk management processes. In today's environment, cyber risk is top-of-mind for CFOs and customers alike as news of breaches travels quickly through social media and can severely damage a company's reputation. Particularly in Financial Services, regulators are holding firms accountable for their third parties' information security practices. Many high-profile breaches across industries have originated not from direct operations, but from third parties throughout the supply chain who don't maintain effective controls over sensitive information.

Prevent Theft of Sensitive Information Across your Supply Chain

Comprehensively identify the third-party relationships that represent inherent InfoSec risk, put plans in place to migitate that risk, and monitor your third parties as they demonstrate their safeguards to protect your critical private information.

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Automatically Identify InfoSec Risks

Coupa's information security risk assessment solution helps efficiently identify third-party access to sensitive information which opens the door to InfoSec risk, and scope the appropriate controls for each relationship all through a digital process.

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Continuously Monitor Cyber Security

Get rid of extensive manual questionnaires used to gather information from third parties by digitizing the process to ensure compliance with cybersecurity controls. Move from one-time or annual risk reviews to continuous monitoring of supplier cyber security risk by integrating data from providers such as BitSight or Risk Recon and raising alerts for review.

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Document Control Effectiveness

Automatically map questionnaire data to specific controls for faster and easier assessment. Automate document control effectiveness for completed assessments to satisfy internal and external regulatory review.

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Report Risks and Remediation with Confidence

Automate tracking and reporting of risks and risk remediation with a Risk Register, Vendor Action Plan, Assessment Summary, and Failed Controls reports.

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