Supplier Risk & Performance Real-time, AI-driven monitoring of your entire supplier base

Real-time, AI-driven monitoring of your entire supplier base

Why businesses choose Coupa for Supplier Risk & Performance

Keep a pulse on suppliers with powerful data-driven workflows and AI. Accelerate supplier onboarding, automate third-party risk detection, and monitor supplier health for an ethical and low-risk supply chain.
  • Simplify supplier onboarding

    Provide multiple ways to work together — like automated email and paper invoice processing, cXML, or portal — without fees.

  • Get proactive about risk mitigation

    Understand every risk from every angle by combining multi-tier and multi-domain risk assessments, performance, and AI-driven insights.

  • Make real progress on ESG goals

    Engage with millions of vetted, diverse suppliers that reflect the interests of your company’s customers, employees, and local communities served.

  • Simplify supplier onboarding
  • Get proactive about risk mitigation
  • Make real progress on ESG goals
Benchmark your company's performance with 20 community-powered KPIs

Explore Supplier Risk & Performance features

Drive supplier adoption with self-service

An intuitive portal makes it easy for suppliers to send updates when receiving a PO or sending an invoice. Any invoice submissions with missing information come with an automatic warning or are blocked, followed by an alert to the supplier to complete the missing areas – no action required on your end.
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View risk comprehensively from one place

Use AI to flag issues by continuously monitoring outside data sources, cross-community, and user-submitted performance feedback. When ratings change, take action with prescriptive recommendations, such as putting high-risk suppliers on hold or reviewing alternative suppliers.

Put risk detection on auto-pilot

Digitize and automate your suppliers’ third-party risk across InfoSec, Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (ABAC), GDPR, and many other domains — even as new risks emerge. If a supplier's risk increases, get real-time alerts and intelligent recommendations on the next best steps.

Make DEI a priority

Maximize your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) impact while minimizing costs. Embed diversity in sourcing criteria, access a database of over 2 million certified minority-, women-, veteran- and LGBT-owned vendors, and track your company’s spending with diverse suppliers all from one place.
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