Coupa SmarterTrip Your Business Expense Personal Assistant

Smarter Trip

Intelligent Expense Tracking On the Go

Coupa SmarterTrip business expense tracking acts as a virtual personal assistant, giving real-time suggestions to help automate mileage tracking, receipt capture and more.
  • Boost Expense Tracking Efficiency

    Natively integrated with Coupa's mobile application, SmarterTrip makes capturing business expenses while on the road quick and easy. Save time with automatic data capture and intelligent expense reminders.

  • Track Mileage More Accurately

    SmarterTrip uses your phone’s GPS to record business travel mileage and exact routing for the most accurate mileage expensing. Simply turn it on when you start your trip and let the app do the work for you.

  • Keep Your Data Secure

    SmarterTrip was designed to help you create expense reports, not keep tabs on you. It only tracks activity when you turn it on, and any collected data and information is securely and locally stored on your device.

  • Boost Expense Tracking Efficiency
  • Track Mileage More Accurately
  • Keep Your Data Secure
How Exactly Does Coupa Add Business Value?

Business Expense Tracking for the Modern Age

Take the hassle out of building business expense reports with SmarterTrip's intelligent capabilities.

Never Miss a Business Expense Again

With real-time mobile notifications, expense reporting is never an afterthought. Mobile reminders to add expenses based on your location and other factors ensure you can build your expense report throughout your trip with little to no effort.

Automatically Record Business Travel Mileage

With the help of your mobile device's GPS, SmarterTrip automatically tracks and calculates your business travel mileage as you go from location to location. Simply approve the miles you want to expense and keep moving.

Build Expense Reports Faster and Smarter

SmarterTrip automatically captures vendor information and location data throughout your trip to boost efficiency and enhance compliance. All you need to do is review and categorize expenses as they are generated to build your expense report.