T&E Analytics & Insights A Single Platform for T&E Spend Analysis

T&E Analytics

Your T&E Data at Your Fingertips

Drive the best business outcomes for your T&E program with access to the right data at the right time. Gain full visibility and control over your spend - without sacrificing flexibility and efficiency.
  • Make Informed T&E Decisions

    Take action with all the data you need at your fingertips, from transaction-level information to end-to-end views of all business spend.

  • View Your Data, Your Way

    See the most relevant information for your business with fully customizable reports and dashboards that make it easy for you to track the right T&E KPIs.

  • Uncover New Insights in Real Time

    Respond quickly to changing business conditions with dashboards and results that are updated in real time.

  • Make Informed T&E Decisions
  • View Your Data, Your Way
  • Uncover New Insights in Real Time
How Exactly Does Coupa Add Business Value?

The Insights You Need for a Better T&E Program

Accelerate time to value with powerful data analytics across every aspect of your T&E program.

Get a Full Picture of Your Business Spend

Reduce spend leakage and generate significant savings across all expensed, invoiced, and PO-backed spend. With Coupa's comprehensive spend management solution, it's easy to move maverick spend to controlled spend.
End-to-End Business Spend Reporting

Turn Your T&E Spend Into Savings

Identify expenses that can be moved onto contracts for future savings by comparing your last 12 months of expense transactions against your PO-backed invoices. Community.ai recommendations for items that other Coupa customers are procuring help surface even more savings opportunities.
Procurable Insights

Harness the Power of the Coupa Community

See how your organization stacks up against industry leaders and make smarter spend decisions with powerful KPI benchmarks. Community.ai analyzes over $4T of anonymized spend data to prescribe ways to optimize your T&E program.
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Intelligent Benchmarks & Prescriptions

Optimize Your Business Travel Spend

Drive additional savings with Travel Insights that couple your organization’s data with the broader Coupa community to provide targeted prescriptions and actionable ways to optimize your business travel spend.
Travel Insights

Monitor Every T&E Dollar

Detect fraud and user error more effectively than traditional auditing with Spend Guard and the latest AI/ML technology. Monitor business spend at scale with real-time alerts to catch suspicious expenses before money goes out the door.
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Spend Guard