Product Release

Coupa Advances Business
Spend Management

Product Release

Coupa Makes Global Business
Spend Simpler, Safer,
and Smarter

Release 23 empowers businesses with greater visibility and control through advancements spanning fraud prevention, artificial intelligence, and enhanced compliance.

Using AI to Prevent Fraud in Business Spend

Prevent Losses to Fraud with Spend Guard

With Coupa Spend Guard, fraud detection is automatic so you can safeguard company resources with less time devoted to manual audit. Coupa uses community intelligence and AI to analyze behavior and flag suspicious activities across procurement, invoices, and expense reports to catch fraud before it’s too late.

Feature 1

Spend Guard

Continuing to Raise the Bar in User Experience for Business Spend Management

Feature 2

Expand Open Buy Capabilities to Additional Suppliers

Provide customers with an offering to extend Coupa Open Buy’s easy, rich search experience for catalog items using Coupa Open Buy for additional suppliers including Staples, OfficeDepot, and Imperial Supplies

Feature 2

Use the Power of the Human Voice for Key Spend Transactions

Let employees make requests in Coupa using their own voice in high-traffic locations through integration with Amazon Alexa and Echo for key spend transactions such as inventory balances, inventory replenishment, or to find item locations

Make it Quicker and Easier for Suppliers to Get Started

Make it quicker and easier for new suppliers to get started on the Coupa Supplier Portal with a new welcome tour and improved user experience

Feature 3

Feature 4

Default Account Coding for Invoices

Free up time for users by automating account coding for certain non-PO invoices based on supplier, commodity, and the requesting user

Feature 4

Invoice Payments

Reduce administrative work as well as risk of fraud and error by processing invoice payments directly in Coupa. Pay invoices using your business bank account, with support for both domestic and cross-border payments. This solution is currently available in an early access program.

Efficiently Managing Global Compliance

Support Compliance with Mexican Requirements to Register Payments

Support compliance with new Mexican requirements for companies to register receipt of payment against supplier invoices with the Mexican tax authority, and then pass to the buyer

Feature 5

Feature 6

Cash Advances for Travel

Extend appropriate cash advances to employees for pre-approved travel budgets and then reconcile cash spent through post-travel expense reporting to support common business practices in Latin America and Asia

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