Product Release 28

Coupa Software is Helping Customers
Spend Smarter Together

Product Release 28

Coupa Software is Helping Customers
Spend Smarter Together

Release 28 empowers customers with the agility to turn business spend into a competitive advantage and respond proactively in an unpredictable market. By pooling spend and brainpower, the procurement and finance community can spend smarter. 

Rewiring the Supply Chains of the Future

Coupa is helping businesses monitor risk for a variety of unforeseeable scenarios such as suppliers going out of business, supply chain delays, and even fraud.

Quickly respond to fraud alerts 

Reduce fraud investigation cycle times by quickly alerting risk managers when a suspicious requisition or PO is submitted. Suspicious fraud alerts notify finance managers when a risky or suspicious purchase order has been submitted and highlights the reason for suspicious spend.

Feature 1
Feature 2

Track credits, discounts and more with digital payment reconciliation

When COVID hit, a lot of businesses orders went on hold. This lead to an increase in orders being put on hold and ultimately business credits or future discounts. Coupa Pay now tracks credits to avoid the manual labor of cutting checks for each adjustment while providing assurance that promised discounts are delivered.

Feature 3

Reduce supplier risk for thousands of contracts at once

With mass re-papering of contracts. Since COVID, businesses have realized the importance of contract clauses, particularly when it comes to the cancelation and force majeure clauses. Coupa now makes it easy to update thousands of supplier contracts at once and send them for approval.

Improved user Experience to
Support Work From Home Employees

In addition to offering the most user friendly procurement software on the market to support work from home employees, Coupa is extending this ease of use to AP and finance teams to make AP automation simple and easy to use.

Feature 4

Increase Visibility into Payment Status

The new Coupa Pay Visual Payments Hub makes it easier for finance teams to pay top suppliers digitally and visualize spend across regions and business units. Increased visibility, control, and ease of use helps finance AP teams move to digital payments and avoid replacing the legacy printing of checks and mailing of checks.

Leverage Community Powered Insights
For Smarter Decision Making

Known for using big data pooled from the community to offer valuable and instant insights, Coupa is leveraging Community Intelligence to supercharge customer success.

Optimize Travel Program Performance to Drive Savings

Businesses are looking for new ways to optimize their travel programs and cut costs throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The new Travel Saver Travel Insights dashboard, provides travel managers with comprehensive visibility into their travel program performance and helps them save money with prescriptive recommendations on the best travel suppliers, rate performance, and travel policy effectiveness.

Feature 6

Measure Sustainability Impact of E-invoicing

New sustainability insights automatically calculate the environmental impact of electronic invoicing and electronic purchase orders. This is important because it allows customers to provide additional metrics and attainment progress to their company’s sustainability reporting. These rankings are only the first step to start a conversation about how customers can incorporate CSR goals such as people, planet, and profits when selecting the best supplier to do business with.

Feature 6

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