Contract Management Process Flow

Streamlining the end-to-end Contract Management Process Flow

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If you're doing business in the modern world you know that one of the foundations for strong customer, supplier, and partner relations is the contract. Still, most businesses are using outdated processes to manage these important documents. As an example, many contracts are authored in on application, bounce around in emails for edits, are signed in another application, and then receive further processing after being returned via email. Coupa transforms the contract management process flow — and eliminates these antiquated processes.

Coupa streamlines the entire contract authoring-through-signature process. Contracts are drafted with a single click, finalized with input from suppliers and internal approvers, and then quickly and easily e-signed. Errors are reduced, duplicate entry is eliminated, and contract completion is speedier than ever. But Coupa doesn't stop there. The contract management process continues with:

  • Full P2P integration - fully integrated into spend management to keep spend on-contract
  • Integrated enforcement - ensure compliance with contract terms on payment
  • Expiration alerts - Be alerted to expiring contracts

Coupa's process flow takes contract management to the next level. Find out more about how your business can benefit from a partnership with Coupa. Sign up for a live demo.

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