Supplier Network Management

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Risk with Supplier Network Management

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Neglecting to maintain accurate supplier data leads to significant business risk and potentially costly mistakes. But as companies continue to expand, so does their supplier network, making the task even more difficult. For this reason, organizations need a robust supplier network management solution to ensure accuracy and quality throughout the supplier relationship. And they need for suppliers to see the value of getting on board for such a solution to work. PayStream Advisors addresses this in their recent Supplier Network Management report.

The Coupa Supplier Network gives you the flexibility to work with any supplier you want, any way you want. And as an added bonus to suppliers, it's free to join, free to set up, and free to use. With the Coupa Supplier Network, managing catalogs and punchout sites is in the hands of the supplier, ensuring current buying information while the buying organization maintains control over the catalog. But the benefits to the supplier don't stop there. Supplier functionality includes:

  • Managing company information
  • Configuring PO submission preferences
  • Acknowledging orders
  • Submitting invoices for payment
  • Checking invoice payment details and status

With the Coupa Supplier Network suppliers are encouraged to participate and organizations reap the rewards of a streamlined and automated ordering and invoice process complete with accurate supplier data. Learn more about supplier network management by downloading the informative report from PayStream Advisors.

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