Supply Chain Visibility

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Inventory is king when it comes to supplier and vendor relations. That's because inventory facilitates the balance of supply and demand — and effectively tracking and managing inventory movement and storage is key to maintaining good relations. 20/20 supply chain visibility is crucial. Coupa understands.

Coupa assists in inventory tracking and management by providing actionable insights into inventory, stock levels, and usage. Properly managing inventory means you can provide your suppliers with forecasts so that they aren't caught off guard — and you aren't wondering when you'll get your crucial goods. In addition, Coupa Inventory:

  • Alerts you to discrepancies in cycle counts
  • Delivers real-time visibility into inventory to eliminate overbuying
  • Provides customizable audit reports

Gain supply chain visibility and keep the goods flowing and your suppliers happy. Learn more about Coupa by downloading this informative report. 

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