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To stay relevant in today's market, organizations need to have the latest and greatest technology — the best wireless, voice, and data environments. But it comes with a hefty price tag. So, it's little wonder that telecom expense management software is on the rise. But what about your other expenses (travel, accommodations, etc.)? Wouldn't it make more sense to find an expense management solution for all of your expenses? And this is where Coupa shines.

Coupa helps ensure timely and accurate expenses with an automated layer that integrates to any travel portal and to all of your credit card providers. And for those expenses that aren't automated, Coupa makes it easy to capture receipts via photo with your mobile or by speaking into your phone to record the expense. Users are encouraged to submit expenses and greater compliance is achieved with:

  • Influenced behavior - gentle warnings and positive reinforcement
  • Policy information - shown as expenses are being entered
  • Score reports - measuring employee expenses against one another

This all adds up to huge savings — and we haven't even gone into detail about the money that is saved with more efficient processes. Let's just say that in 2014 75% of small businesses experienced 100% ROI within the first year of electronic expense management implementation. What are you waiting for?

Find out more about how Coupa blows telecom expense management software out of the water by downloading this informative paper.

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