Travel And Expense Benchmark

Automating Spend Management for Compliant Travel And Expense

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Organizations often struggle with making sure employees are following the rules when it comes to travel and expenses. Reports are turned in after the fact, preventing a proactive approach to compliance that could mean money in the bank — for the second largest controllable expense. Fortunately, automating spend management with Coupa solves this classic problem. 

From capturing and recording the expense to driving compliance by keeping users informed with gentle warnings and score reports, Coupa's spend management platform optimizes employee expenses spend. Coupa does this by:

  • Ensuring timely and accurate reporting of expenses
  • Driving compliance
  • Making AP more strategic

Coupa changes the AP finance expense process from a low-value administrative process to a high-value business process that's impacting bottom-line profitability. 

Learn more about travel and expense benchmarks by downloading this report.

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