Spend wisely and manage budgets in real-time with Coupa's budgeting management software system.

Too often, budget owners have to wait for weekly or monthly reports to see how much money they have left. Now with Coupa Budgets there’s a better budget management software solution that helps you avoid overspending by understanding and even enforcing budget impact at the time spend happens.

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Coupa Budget Management System Software Product Overview

"Because Coupa Budgets provides real-time visibility into all of your spend, as part of our organic suite of applications, you’ll find that it becomes easier than ever to curb overspending." — Raja Hammoud, VP of Product Management, Coupa Software


Coupa's budgeting management application solution, is an integral part of the overall spend process and allows you to keep track in real-time.

Auto-adjust to Downstream Events
Coupa's budget management system will validate against the budget to do automatic adjustments for all events like creation of PO, receiving of invoice.

Budget Rollup Reports
Define the budget roll-up hierarchy and drill into it with Coupa’s budget management software solution for the full detail of every purchase credited to every budget.

Real-time Budget Impact
Track to your budget in real time with Coupa in the cloud budgeting software for instant impact analysis and you spend.

Dynamic Approvals Workflows
Quickly bring budget owners into the approval process for line items that are charged against their budget.

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Features at a Glance


View approval pending requisitions and approved POs against budget.

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Coupa's budget management software solution can be set up for core levels within the organization.

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Configurable spend alerts can be set on budgets.

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Real-time budgeting application dashboards, or “budget meters” for each item manage current spend against goals.

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