Inventory software system taking your inventory management from tactical to strategic

You can't optimize spend if you don’t use the inventory you already have. Coupa Inventory is an inventory management and tracking software system that provides your entire organization real-time visibility into inventory availability while they are ordering, reducing redundant and wasteful spend. Coupa's inventory management and tracking software system also automates fulfillment and keeps inventory in sync through regular cycle counts, discrepancy reports, and asset tags. Whether you’re managing an office supply closet, a stock room full of medical supplies, IT inventory, or a manufacturing warehouse, the Coupa Inventory software system can help you optimize your inventory usage from anywhere at anytime.

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Inventory Software Product Overview

"With the unified ordering system offered by Coupa, companies get the visibility and operational efficiency of a single system, eliminating redundant spending and opening the door to improved operating efficiency." — JP Krishnamoorthy, VP Engineering, Coupa Software


You can't optimize spend if you don’t use the inventory you already have.

Employee Success
With the Coupa inventory software system you can address all employee “I Need” scenarios for goods, services and information faster with real-time tracking visibility into inventory and stockrooms.

Eliminate Wasteful Spend
Give your employees visibility into your inventory system when ordering to eliminate overbuying and excess stock buildup. You’ll have fewer repurchases and less waste reducing overall costs.

Streamline Stock Management
Automate the fulfillment side of inventory. Coupa's inventory management and tracking software system shows your stock on hand and automatically allocates inbound orders to be picked or backordered. Any discrepancies can be configured and routed for approval.

Gain Actionable Insights
Provide actionable insights with Coupa Inventory into inventory, stock levels and usage. The inventory tracking and management solution helps you better track and manage inventory levels, replenish stocks at the right time and minimize carrying costs by reducing excess or obsolete inventory.

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Features at a Glance


Real-time tracking visibility for employees to see inventory levels as they buy and for the company to monitor, manage and optimize.

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Keep inventory in sync through regular easy to use cycle counts, discrepancy reports.

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Get prompted for better inventory optimization opportunities.

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Track inventory and view trends through customizable audit reports.

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