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460+ customers. One line of code. A multitude of benefits.

When a user learns Coupa once, they know it everywhere. That’s because Coupa Procurement looks and works the same as Coupa Expenses which looks and works the same as … well, you get the idea.

With Coupa’s suite of financial applications for spend management, nothing’s been bolted on, wedged in or slapped together. Every module is pre-integrated for seamless data sharing and cross-platform visibility.

Even our customers are unified. They can access aggregate benchmarks across usage, behaviors and performance (how do you compare?), and leverage their collective buying power through Coupa Advantage. It’s the power of one.

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Unified Suite

Procurement expert and Coupa-watcher Jason Busch explains how Coupa's one platform has evolved beyond P2P to helping companies get their arms around all the ways companies spend money.

"The P2P process is really where buying meets the road. There are strategic aspects to it, but it is the transactional side of procurement which touches the front lines of the business." — Jason Busch, Founder & Managing Director, Spend Matters


Coupa’s cloud-based suite of financial applications is the only spend management solution that makes it easy to get visibility and control over all the ways spend happens in your company—procurement, expenses and AP. Improve your compliance and increase savings across the board.

  • One Code Line
  • Pre-Integrated Applications
  • One Instance, Many ERPs
  • One Administration
  • One User Experience
  • 100% Mobile
  • One code line means no custom ‘one-offs’, which increases innovation, simplifies support and speeds updates – for all customers.
  • Stop fighting with poorly integrated software. Every component of the Coupa platform is pre-integrated and designed to work with the rest of the platform. Subscribe to what you need; add on later with simple configuration.
  • One Coupa instance, unlimited back ends and charts of accounts. One interface layer across all your ERPs, means unparalleled business agility, visibility, adoption and compliance.
  • From drag and drop custom fields for any object to a platform-wide approval workflow engine, Coupa provides a one stop shop for business-owned configuration.
  • Learn once, know everywhere. Coupa has a consistent interface across the entire platform.
  • Full functionality on any device, iOS and Android apps to enhance the mobile experience for key functions, and actionable notifications for direct action from email.

The cloud is mobile by nature, and we’ve used it to full advantage to keep workflows moving anywhere, on any device.

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We brought together a community of sourcing experts from customer organizations to apply their expertise and the combined buying power of over 450 companies running Coupa to negotiate contracts all Coupa customers can buy from.

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Once you’ve captured your spend, the real fun begins. Discover the many ways Coupa’s reporting module can reveal spend patterns and savings opportunities.

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Coupa By The Numbers

Whatever the business issue, Coupa is about results. Here are just a few of the numbers our customers have posted.

Coupa customers average less than one calendar day to approve a requisition.
With two clicks you can create a sourcing event from a requisition because we have one data model on one platform.
A FORTUNE 500 Healthcare company surpassed efficiency gains, avoidance, accurate payments, and negotiated discounts on $4.7B of spend .

Coupa Benchmark Report: 12 Ways to Measure Spend Management Success

Learn how you can monitor your company's effectiveness in Spend Management, and compare your performance to that of the top performing companies in the world.

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