Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (ABAC) Compliance Mitigate Bribery and Corruption Risk Across Third Parties

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Manage Bribery and Corruption Risk

With Coupa, ethics and compliance teams can streamline the management of third-party bribery and corruption risk.

Minimize Errors and Automate ABAC Assessments

Minimize manual errors, ensure auditability, and automate ABAC risk assessments across multiple compliance areas.

Continuously Monitor Risk and Avoid Gaps

Monitor third parties for changes in risk factors and avoid spend compliance gaps.

Bribery and Corruption Risk Management

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Streamline Management of Risks

Collect information on all third parties, as well as the entities associated with those third parties (4th parties, 5th parties, etc.) which may also increase risk exposure. Get visibility across your extended enterprise to understand the inherent risk of each relationship, assessment status, and residual risk.

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Minimize Errors and Automate ABAC Assessments

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Minimize Errors and Ensure Auditability

Shift from spreadsheet and paper-based ABAC risk management to fully automated processes using Coupa. Free up resources to extend third-party risk coverage and automate record-keeping to streamline audit prep.

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Automate Assessments and Identification

Automatically screen and monitor third parties for bribery and corruption risks by evaluating risk areas such as political exposure, state ownership, negative news, and appearance on global watch lists.

Continuously Monitor Risk and Avoid Gaps

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Monitor Third Parties for Changes

Continuously monitor third-party bribery and corruption risk with Coupa's data feeds on news sentiment and restricted parties or use your own data feeds from providers like Dow Jones and Thomson Reuters. Automatically receive alerts when risk factors reach their defined thresholds to enable proactive risk management.

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Avoid Spend Compliance Gaps

Integrate purchasing with ABAC risk management across the company to automatically channel spend to ABAC risk-assessed suppliers, avoiding rogue spend and risk with unknown suppliers.