Respect Your Suppliers

Supplier Success

Your suppliers have their own businesses to run. If you force them to change the way they operate and tax them for sending you an invoice, they’re unlikely to be your biggest fans.

Make life easier for them. With Coupa, even your smaller suppliers can join the e-invoicing revolution – with nothing more than email. There’s no forced network to join and no fees. Everyone succeeds.

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Big Ideas Shaping Supply in 2017

In this webinar, learn What technologies will change the way businesses purchase supply in 2017? Trends shaping supply markets and how procurement can adapt its approach to the supply base to capitalise on the opportunity and mitigate the risks. What kind of challenges are procurement functions predicting for 2017 and how are they adapting in anticipation?

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Supplier Collaboration

Unleash the power of a fully enabled supply base

Choice: Yes

With Coupa, your suppliers have options to collaborate in the way that is best for them. They can invoice via cXML, EDI, CSV, PIDX, Email or any other format needed. Suppliers can even create an invoice right from an emailed PO, without ever joining a network.

Fees: No

Your transactions with your suppliers are your own business, not Coupa’s. We do not charge your suppliers as our goal is for the highest adoption of invoices not only by spend, but by number of transactions. Your suppliers receive PO’s, Invoice and collaborate with no fees.

Serve Yourself

Coupa is easy for users and suppliers. They can check payment and PO approval status, update their catalogs, and manage their punchout sites. All by themselves.

Experience Supplier Collaboration Success

Discover how understanding your suppliers needs and capabilities, will allow your collaborate to drive efficiency and savings.

Give your suppliers a step up

In this eBook, in association with Procurement Leaders, discover how functions can make use of tools and processes to become champions of supplier enablement.


Supplier Enablement – The Path to 100%

What does it take to have a successful supplier enablement program? In this webinar Greif, a leading global manufacturer of packaged goods, shares details of their successful journey to 100% supplier enablement.

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“Coupa gives us the opportunity to have a bigger supply base, which adds to innovation, the diversity of our business and the client proposition that we’re able to give“– Cofely

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“It‘s really empowered the vendor to push catalogs out to us, push pricing out to us and it gives them this absolute large network that they don‘t have to pay transaction fees that will eventually come back to the customer.“– Intermedia

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Metrics that Matter

Days to start saving

Quite an Advantage

Start saving the moment you go live. Coupa Advantage provides pre-negotiated discounts from top suppliers in high-spend categories.

Of Suppliers

Clean Sweep

A retail customer has over 95% of its suppliers using the Coupa Portal.

Software that Respects Suppliers

Learn more about the Coupa solutions that enable supplier success.


Give your AP team control over payment timing to manage cash and capture supplier discounts.


For Your Business Need
Open Business Network

Coupa’s open, flexible options for suppliers result in rapid, complete supplier onboarding.


For Your Business Need
Coupa Advantage

Plug into Coupa Advantage for pre-negotiated supplier discounts in key categories that are available on day one.