Postmodern ERP

A New Day, a New Way in ERP

Is your ERP strategy evolving? From early best-of-breed approaches designed to boost functionality for core business processes to the mega-suite, with every level of administration and operational processes integrated into a single solution, different ERP structures have their advantages. And now there’s a fresh take. With the rise of the cloud and agile solutions for core business processes, enterprise CIOs are turning to a new strategy: Postmodern ERP to drive value for their business.

Gartner introduced the concept of Postmodern ERP in 2014 in response to companies that have been outsourcing and integrating SaaS solutions with legacy onsite ERP systems. For enterprises that are not yet ready to replace their entire ERP system, but recognize the need to augment core administrative processes to keep up with the world of rapidly evolving cloud technology, Postmodern ERP is the answer. And Coupa is a great place to start.

With Coupa, you get real-time spend information, fast implementation, and minimal capital expenditure or IT resources needed to configure - which enables business agility and allows IT to focus on other initiatives. Coupa integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP - even if you have multiple systems and versions in place with 100% mobile for everyone, including suppliers. With the fastest time to value, low TCO, and high ROI, Coupa savings-as-a-service is the perfect way to build your postmodern ERP environment.

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Driving CIO Success

With Coupa you get a unified, pre-integrated, agile spend management solution that’s simple to use, quick to launch, and delivers fast results. It’s the perfect complement to your existing ERP.

Digital and Cloud Leadership

Coupa provides the ideal situation to showcase your cloud leadership. With rapid on budget implementation and time to value, coupled with Coupa’s 100% mobility and rapid innovation, you are investing in a partner that will drive success for your business, without heavy IT involvement but with appropriate security controls.

Agile Enterprise

With Coupa, agility goes both ways with no sacrifice; you enable your business with an easy to use, mobile system and are able to manage the system within your governance. This way IT resources can be focused on mission critical objectives. In doing so you will deliver a postmodern ERP solution with high business user satisfaction.

Value Creation

Coupa delivers results, period. We have saved our customers billions to date (and counting!). The CIO is responsible for delivering business applications that drive real measurable results and lower your TCO in the process. With Coupa you will be able to provide the data and visibility around spend that has never been seen by executive leaders, enabling them to make informed decisions in real time.

Reduce ERP and System Complexity

Coupa is a strategic extension to one or many ERPs through one unified scalable platform. You are future-proofing your decision because Coupa has the flexibility and inter-operability to interact with an unlimited amount of ERP’s and systems, so no matter how your IT landscape evolves. Simply put, Coupa hides that complexity. Couple that with configuration based unified platform that eliminates multiple systems and redundant processes to reduce your total cost of ownership, while never exposing complexity to your business user base. Your complexity problems solved.


In the meantime, check out the 3-minute video to the right!

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In the meantime, check out the 3-min demo to the right!


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