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For private and public educational institutions, getting faculty and staff what they need across different locations and departments can be difficult—and keeping track of what they spend can be even harder. Outdated education procurement systems and processes make getting supplies slow and managing spend cumbersome.

Coupa makes it easy for educational institutions to unify spend management and achieve total visibility—within departments and across the organization as a whole. Get everyone on board with an easy-to-use, end-to-end system that lets you increase efficiency, automate approvals, and streamline workflows. Give administrators, executives, and managers the ability to see how and where money is being spent so they can manage budgets better, and plan ahead.

Coupa Education Benefits

Fast Time to Value
Coupa deploys easily through simple configuration—no custom coding required. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, including one or many ERPs. Get up and running and get everyone on board quickly for the fastest time to value, and measurable returns. High adoption rates and ease-of-use mean your employees are more productive faster, too.

Seamless Integration
Coupa’s education procurement software integrates easily with your existing systems, including one or many ERPs. Automatically pull in POs via the Open Business NetworkTM to digitize supplier relationships and AP for all spend. Plus, Coupa’s unified cloud platform deploys easily through simple configuration—no custom coding required. Free up IT resources to focus on core initiatives.

Ensure Compliance
Direct faculty and staff to preferred vendors, eliminating overpayments and keeping spend on-contract while managing risk. Plus, streamlining approvals and POs strengthens supplier relationships and holds vendors accountable in real time.

Increased Transparency
Coupa delivers the visibility you need to track and manage spend across departments and divisions. With enhanced efficiency and transparency across budget allocation, dashboards, and reports, everyone can see exactly what’s happening anytime. Better visibility means better control.

"Prior to Coupa, people were just running to the local office supply story and buying whatever they wanted.
So, we weren’t building our buying power."

— Kate Vincent, Procurement Director, Grand Canyon University

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With Coupa’s cloud-based delivery model, you get the benefit of ongoing innovation without software and infrastructure maintenance tasks. From sourcing and purchasing to automated, touchless invoicing, Coupa has spend management solutions that create real savings for public and private educational institutions—and that’s the bottom line.


An easy-to-use system that directs employees to preferred vendors and contracts? It’s called Coupa Procurement.


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Increase efficiency, remove manual paper processes, and reduce costs. Sounds like savings.


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Expense Management

Replace Excel, manual expense processing, and cumbersome solutions. Unified expense management brings savings to T&E.


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