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Financial services companies are in the midst of a large-scale transformation. Banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, investment funds, even government-sponsored enterprises and credit unions are facing fundamental changes in how they take a product to market and create value for their customers. Today’s winning financial services companies must embrace disruption, fintech, and innovation to enhance the customer experience. With Coupa, financial services companies can leverage the power of cloud software technology to improve operational efficiency and create measurable value for employees and customers.

The results are adding up—from offsetting significant costs associated with increased government and regulatory requirements, to optimizing the time and effort it takes to get new employees productive, to embracing advanced analytics and business intelligence, financial leaders are using spend management to transform their companies and create competitive advantage. Coupa’s unique cloud-based, unified spend management platform gives financial firms the power to approach spend strategically, improve compliance, manage risk, and drive out costs in a sustainable way. Most importantly, Coupa’s cloud-based financial services software empowers decision-makers with visibility and insight into organizational spend and employee expenses that can drive business advantage.

Coupa Financial Services Benefits

Efficiency and Savings
Maximize productivity and minimize errors by removing manual paper processes across purchasing, approvals, and AP. Increase spend control, reduce costs, and allow your team to focus on finding new ways to save money and increase profits.

Enhanced Scalability
Financial services firms are growing and changing, with mergers and acquisitions bringing a unique set of challenges. Coupa’s cloud-based financial services software enables transparency to help you grow, plus built-in flexibility so you can continue to efficiently manage spend as your needs change.

Increased Transparency
Coupa’s cloud financial services software delivers the visibility you need to track and manage spend. With enhanced efficiency and transparency across budget allocation, dashboards, and reports, everyone can see exactly what’s happening anytime.

Ensure Compliance
Direct employees to preferred vendors, eliminating overpayments and keeping spend on-contract while managing risk. Plus, streamlining approvals and POs strengthens supplier relationships and holds vendors accountable in real time.

"The big thing for our distributed network of 8,500 vendors, in my opinion, was the ability to flip from PO to invoice by email, which allows us to support them."

— Todd Dooley, Former VP of Finance, H&R Block

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Solutions for
Financial Services

With Coupa’s cloud-based delivery model, you get the benefit of ongoing innovation without software and infrastructure maintenance tasks. From sourcing and purchasing to automated, touchless invoicing, Coupa has spend management solutions that create real savings for financial services companies–and that’s the bottom line.


An easy-to-use system that directs employees to preferred vendors and contracts? It’s called Coupa Procurement.


For Your Business Need

Increase efficiency, stop pushing paper, and capture early payment discounts. Sounds like savings.


For Your Business Need
Expense Management

Replace Excel, manual expense processing and cumbersome solutions. Unified expense management brings
savings to T&E.


Metrics that Matter*

$ 1.1B+ in Savings

For Your Business Need

$33B+ in Spend

For Your Business Need

87%+ Pre-Approved Purchases

For Your Business Need

23.8 Hrs. to Approve Expense Reports

*These metrics are as of 04/30/17 and represent the aggregated results of all Coupa customers that are deemed part of the Financial Services industry.
Amount of savings is derived based on certain industry benchmarks.

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