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Achieving Financial Health with
Business Spend Management for Healthcare

Today’s healthcare environment is marked by change and uncertainty, making Business Spend Management (BSM) a critical function that will enable your organization to cut costs, reduce risk, and increase efficiencies.

With Coupa’s BSM platform, spend visibility and control across every facility is finally standardized. From commodity bandages, to costly devices, to mission-critical supplies—empower a variety of healthcare professionals to source and purchase pre-approved goods and services using Coupa’s cloud-based, user-friendly and mobile-accessible technology. That means your healthcare staff can maintain focus on what’s most important: caring for their patients and your bottom line.


Empowering Better Financial Health

Today’s healthcare industry is complex. Systems must cut across many sectors, be used by a variety of healthcare professionals and paraprofessionals, and often involve manual, paper-based procurement processes that are highly inefficient. Coupa changes that. With Coupa’s spend management platform you get a solution for healthcare procurement spend visibility and control across every facility. It’s easy to streamline healthcare procurement of goods and services—from commodity bandages, to costly devices, to mission-critical supplies. And, best of all, Coupa is cloud-based, so it’s accessible from any device, anywhere.

By modernizing your approach to spend management, you can turn healthcare procure-to-pay and sourcing into an organizational advantage. Ultimately, that means staying focused on what’s most important—caring for patients and your bottom line.

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Coupa Healthcare Benefits

Enable Purchasing Speed and Accuracy
Enable everyone in your healthcare organization with quick access to the vetted, pre-contracted suppliers anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Increase Control and Operational Efficiency
Streamline inventory, reduce backorders, and increase operational efficiency by unifying BSM processes to provide guided purchasing experiences, such as predefined supply lists.

Optimize Supplier and Budget Management
Avoid unnecessary business spend by sourcing from multiple suppliers at once to gain the best pricing and ultimately streamline AP processes to reduce maverick spend, realize contracted savings, and increase budget control.

Drive Adoption for Increased Visibility and Control
Empower employees with intuitive, user-friendly technology to reduce training costs, boost self-service, and create high user adoption, even across widely-distributed organizations.

"One of the big key drivers that Coupa's been able to provide for us as we grow is that we're able to scale it without adding a lot of additional labor and overhead."


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Business Spend Management (BSM)
Solutions for Healthcare

Coupa is the cure for healthcare providers struggling to contain the cost of supplies and services in the face of regulatory uncertainty, growing demand, and massive, unprecedented industry shifts. Using Coupa, you can simplify complex processes and clean up inconsistent data so you can make better spending decisions across your entire distributed organization—while getting your care providers and other staff on board easily.
Coupa seamlessly integrates into any ERP to manage all areas of healthcare business spend.


From low- to high-unit priced items, source and procure across your healthcare business needs and purchase in sync with your inventory.


For Your Business Need

Digitizing supply chain operations is a major step toward becoming a high-value, low-cost healthcare organization.


For Your Business Need

Increase on-time expense report submissions with user-friendly, mobile-accessible technology for employees with diverse skill sets.


Metrics that Matter*

$4.6B+ in Savings

$4.6B+ in Savings

$113B+ in Spend

$113B+ in Spend

97.9% Spend Under Management

97% Spend Under Management

3.8 Hrs. to Approve Purchases

3.8 Hrs. to Approve Purchases

*These metrics are as of 04/30/18 and represent the aggregated results of leading Coupa customers that are deemed part of the Healthcare industry.
Amount of savings is derived based on certain industry benchmarks.

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