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Today’s healthcare industry is complex. Systems must cut across many sectors, be used by a variety of professionals and paraprofessionals, and often involve manual, paper-based processes that are highly inefficient. Coupa changes that. With Coupa’s spend management platform you get spend visibility and control across every facility. It’s easy to streamline healthcare procurement of goods and services—from commodity bandages, to costly devices, to mission-critical supplies. And, best of all, Coupa is cloud-based, so it’s accessible from any device, anywhere.

By modernizing your approach to spend management, you can turn healthcare procure-to-pay and sourcing into an organizational advantage. Ultimately, that means staying focused on what’s most important—caring for patients and your bottom line.

Coupa Healthcare Benefits

Speed and Accuracy
Give everyone in your organization access to the right vendors anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Coupa makes it easy for healthcare providers to quickly order goods and services against contracts, and at the best prices possible.

Increase Control and Efficiency
Give employees fast, efficient access to the goods and services they need by unifying and simplifying healthcare procurement processes for less guesswork and more guided purchasing, including buying from inventory. This streamlines inventory, reduces backorders, and increases efficiency with predefined supply lists.

Better Supplier and Budget Management
Source from multiple suppliers for faster access and best pricing. Increase AP efficiency and streamline approvals for more on-PO spend to ensure contracted savings is realized, get better control over your budget, and avoid unnecessary spend. Plus, give suppliers instant access to transaction information via the portal.

Increased Adoption for Increased Visibility and Control
Coupa’s simple, intuitive interface enables high user adoption. With Amazon and Facebook-like usability, employees can start using Coupa with little to no training, dramatically reducing costs and improving self-service even for widely-distributed organizations.

"One of the big key drivers that Coupa's been able to provide for us as we grow is that we're able to scale it without adding a lot of additional labor and overhead."


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With Coupa’s cloud-based delivery model, you get the benefit of ongoing innovation without software and infrastructure maintenance tasks. From sourcing and purchasing to automated, touchless invoicing, Coupa has spend management solutions that create real savings for Healthcare organizations—and that’s the bottom line.


An easy-to-use system that directs employees to preferred vendors and contracts? It’s called Coupa Procurement.


For Your Business Need

Increase efficiency, stop pushing paper, and capture early-payment discounts. Sounds like savings.


For Your Business Need
Expense Management

Replace Excel, manual expense processing, and cumbersome solutions. Unified expense management brings savings to T&E.


Metrics that Matter*

$2B+ in Savings

$2B+ in Savings

$51B+ in Spend

$51B+ in Spend

97.9% Spend Under Management

97% Spend Under Management

3.8 Hrs. to Approve Purchases

3.8 Hrs. to Approve Purchases

*These metrics are as of 04/30/17 and represent the aggregated results of all Coupa customers that are deemed part of the Healthcare industry.
Amount of savings is derived based on certain industry benchmarks.

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