Driving Down Costs to Boost Margins

Manufacturing companies today are battling it out over product innovation, production speed, and automation. Keeping up means managing costs while adapting to political and regulatory changes. Manufacturers are looking for new ways to control costs and improve revenue and margin growth.

Coupa’s cloud-based software platform takes existing enterprise models and extends excellences in spend management beyond direct material categories to address all spend categories. This makes it easier to manage a larger percentage of addressable spend, capture greater savings and control from often overlooked or under-prioritized areas, and create significant business value. With Coupa, manufacturers can get back to focusing on product innovation and growth.

Coupa Manufacturing Benefits

Easy to-Use Anytime, Anywhere
Get everyone on board with a simple, intuitive interface across all spend management functions.

Flexibility Plus Automation
Consolidate, standardize, and automate processes across locations for significant cost savings. Coupa gives you complete visibility into commodities and suppliers and provides the control needed to achieve better discounts, pricing, service levels, and quality across your supply chain.

Simple Yet Powerful
Boost efficiency and empower crucial buyer-supplier collaboration. Coupa’s Open Business Network™ makes it easy to submit POs, confirm orders, get delivery details via Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN), and receive invoices electronically. Suppliers love Coupa’s fee-free system and actionable notifications they can respond to instantly.

Seamless Integration
Coupa integrates easily with your existing systems, including one or many ERPs. Automatically pull in POs created by plant maintenance or materials management via the Open Business Network™ to digitize supplier relationships and AP for all spend. Plus, Coupa’s unified cloud platform deploys easily through simple configuration—no custom coding required. Free up IT resources to focus on core initiatives.

"The number one benefit of Coupa for Greif has
been cost savings."

— Myron Gramelspacher, Sr. Director, Global Indirects Sourcing & Supply Chain, Greif

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Solutions for

With Coupa’s cloud-based delivery model, you get the benefit of ongoing innovation without software and infrastructure maintenance tasks. From sourcing and purchasing to automated, touchless invoicing, Coupa has spend management solutions that create real savings for manufacturing organizations—and that’s the bottom line.


An easy-to-use system that directs employees to preferred vendors and contracts? It’s called Coupa Procurement.


For Your Business Need

Increase efficiency, stop pushing paper, and capture early payment discounts. Sounds like savings.


For Your Business Need
Expense Management

Replace Excel, manual expense processing, and cumbersome solutions. Unified expense management brings savings to T&E.


Metrics that Matter*

$1.6B+ in Savings

99%+ Touchless AP

98%+ Pre-Approved Purchases

72%+ Standard Purchases

*These metrics are as of 04/30/17 and represent the aggregated results of all Coupa customers that are deemed part of the Manufacturing industry.
Amount of savings is derived based on certain industry benchmarks.

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