Financial Compliance Through Spend Visibility, Approvals and Documentation

Financial Compliance Software

Your employees need efficient processes so they can focus on their jobs. Your business owners need flexible processes that adapt to changing conditions. And finance needs controllable processes to ensure financial compliance and minimize risk.

Financial compliance requires centralized control with decentralized execution, and that’s exactly what Coupa enables with our financial compliance software. It’s a formula that yields business agility, informed purchasing and process efficiency, while also providing financial oversight and auditability.

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End to End Financial Compliance Software

The Keys to Financial Compliance

Full visibility, proper approvals and documented spend.

Seeing is Complying

If you can’t see where your spend is happening, then you can’t know where your risks are brewing. Coupa's financial compliance software provides comprehensive, real-time spend visibility to spot compliance issues before they’re problems.

Pre, not Post-Approval

Coupa’s combination of broad user adoption, dynamic approval chains, and ubiquitous mobile access means spend requests get reviewed before orders are placed, not after.

Happy Trails to You

Everybody loves a good audit trail. With Coupa financial compliance software, all your spend is in one place, fully documented. Across the globe, Coupa invoicing is country compliant and audit-ready.

Financial Compliance Starts Here

Begin Your Journey to Better Financial Compliance

”With Coupa, you can also look at compliance, which has been effective in changing behavior and bad habits. There's a top ten hit list of the worst approvers. I think it was quite an eye-opener for people in the organization when they appeared in that list.”— NEC

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”It’s hard to enact any real change when the user’s not able to make a better decision at the time of the purchase. Coupa allows that user to see information at the right time, at the right place to make the right decision.”— Avalon Health Group

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Metrics that Matter

Average number of PO approvers

Less Is More

Coupa customers require less than two approvers per PO. Dynamic rules keep approval chains lean and accountable.

Mobile and email approvals

Anywhere, Anytime

Almost ¾ of all approvals in Coupa happen via email and mobile devices. Cycles are shortened and decisions are timely.

The 2020 Business Spend Management Benchmark Report

Unlock 12 key metrics for measuring the success of your BSM initiatives and learn how to spend smarter.

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Software that Drives Financial Compliance

The Coupa financial compliance software gives you visibility and control over all the ways spend happens.

Coupa for your ERP

Use Coupa financial compliance software as your single view into spend in any ERP system – even across multiple ERPs.


For Your Business Need
Expense Management

Connect your T&E spend into corporate policies and budgets for maximum financial compliance.



Enjoy complete auditability with dynamic approval workflows and global invoice compliance.