Best UI is No UI

The smarter the platform, the less work your users need to do

Coupa makes it easy for users at every level to get things done, often without ever having to login. Get employees, suppliers, administrators, and approvers all on board quickly with little to no training. We have the highest user adoption rates in the industry, which means you can get more of your spend under management fast. When we say the best UI is no UI, we mean users should only have to interact if they’re adding value to a transaction—otherwise let Coupa do the work. With actionable email, SMS, and push notifications driving the shortest transaction cycle times, it’s no wonder Coupa is becoming the gold standard for usability.

Maximum Mobility

The world today is mobile—if you can’t do it on your phone right now, it may never get done. Coupa understands this and makes it easy for everyone in your organization to get things done on their phone, fast. From email approvals to automated expense tracking, Coupa’s mobility is the key to user adoption.

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Adoption—All Aboard

There’s a reason we have the highest user adoption rates in the industry. Coupa is intuitive and familiar, with Amazon and Facebook-like usability that look and feels the same across every module. Our philosophy is simple: delight your users with a system they enjoy using, and they’ll actually use it.

Adoption All Aboard

“One of the things I do like about Coupa and the leadership of Coupa is the constant innovation that they're trying to push and I really like the vision of no UI. One of the things that we were taking a look at is not only for what it does today, but where we believe the product will go in the near future. For us, that constant innovation is very, very important.”

— Rone Luczynski, Senior Managing Director, Procurement and Supply Chain, SCI

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