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Fintechs offer cross-border B2B payments to support SMEs global ambitions

It used to be that only big companies did business internationally. In the past few years, increasing globalization, reduced trade barriers, the internet, and new business platforms such as eBay and Alibaba have made cross-border trade more accessible and affordable. Now it’s much more common for SMEs to also do…Read blog post

How Fintech is Reinventing B2B Payments

Earlier this year, Coupa announced Coupa Payments powered by Nvoicepay. In this article Nvoicepay CEO Karla Friede explains how fintechs are reinventing B2B payments, and why it has been so long in coming. Accounts payable departments have realized that they need to stop paying suppliers with paper checks and…Read blog post

Operationalizing VaaS starts with ‘why’

  • June 12, 2017
  • |
  • Ravi Thakur
  •  |
  • Coupa
SaaS is not just changing the way software is delivered. It’s changing the way vendors and customers work together. Gone are the days of where vendors could charge perpetual licensing fees and lock customers into guaranteed annual maintenance contracts. With SaaS, Customers are essentially renting the software from the vendor,…Read blog post

The missing link for e-invoicing success: The global process owner

E-invoicing sounds simple on the surface of it. You take a paper process and make it electronic. However, the benefits extend far beyond that. Over the past 20 years, we have come to realize that it is not an accounts payable project. It is a procure-to-pay (P2P) project. But, the…Read blog post

Robotic Process Automation 101

Suddenly, the business world is all atwitter over robotic process automation (RPA), and I am talking to many business leaders who feel like they are behind in adoption. Good news: You’re not. Like a lot of people and things that become famous overnight, RPA has actually been around for…Read blog post

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