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Foundational to P2P success: Master Data Management

Master data management is critical to the success of any purchase-to-pay (P2P) or spend analytics initiative, since enhancing master data leads to the ability to make better decisions and drive sourcing and compliance benefits. While it is not often considered a fun and rewarding project like a P2P implementation,…Read blog post

The startling truth about the cloud, and why you need it to be competitive

By now it's a foregone conclusion that the future of computing is in the cloud. Most companies are now using cloud solutions of some kind, even if it's only Dropbox or Google Docs. However, younger companies unburdened by legacy IT systems that have adopted all-cloud or cloud-first IT strategies are…Read blog post

The Coupa Fast 5: Predictions and making them come true

Here we are in February, and the predictions for 2015 keep on coming. We just couldn’t resist these last two on expense management and the trend away from traditional ERP systems, two themes that are near and dear to our cloud-y little heart. After this we’re done – promise.   On…Read blog post

5 practical steps to unlocking a breakthrough cloud strategy

All the hype of recent years around cloud, cloud, cloud has made everyone aware of the new concept of delivering software as a service. We are now at a once-in-a-generation inflection point where companies have realized that to remain competitive, sooner or later they will need to leave on premise…Read blog post

With business travel surging, it’s time to revisit expense technology solutions

  • February 05, 2015
  • |
  • Tony Darugar
  •  |
  • Expenses
The economy is back, and so is business travel, with more options and convenience for travelers than ever before. There is a dizzying array of travel booking sites, but now you can also just type in any two airport codes and buy a plane ticket straight from the Google search…Read blog post

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