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August 28th, 2011
 | Making Cents

Endless Possibilities with Coupa and SnapLogic

Back in June, I covered the basics of integrating two (or more) applications or data sets. In my previous post, I mentioned most enterprise-level integrations are accomplished by “middleware.” I’d like to show you exactly what that means, using SnapLogic as the example.



SnapLogic provides a powerful platform to easily connects cloud apps (like Coupa) to other cloud, SaaS, or on-premise data sources. Pandora utilized SnapLogic to seamlessly link their spend management platform (us) with their finance management system (FinancialForce).


I could use words to explain it all, but I thought I’d go the picture route:


If you been thinking, “Gee, I wish I could take my data from Coupa and do . . .” The good news is, regardless of how you finished that sentence, you probably can.


Get a taste of what’s possible with Coupa and SnapLogic at Dreamforce 2011. I’ll be co-presenting two solutions sessions and will show you in-person how Coupa’s e-Procurement platform can add value to your existing finance or ERP application.


Come see me at SnapLogic DF11 Booth 509 at the following session times:

  • Wednesday 8/31 – 3-4pm
  • Thursday 9/1 – 3-4pm

And check out what else SnapLogic has going on at DF11. See you there!

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