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Cost Cutting in the Cloud Best Practices #1: Benchmarking Against Real Data

This post is excerpted from the free Coupa ebook How to Cut Costs in the Cloud: 5 Spend Management Best Practices for 2010. Look out for more best practice tips next week, or download the full ebookhere, at no cost.


Why Less is More When it Comes to User Interface

Today’s post is by Coupa’s new UI expert, Casey.

This happens to me all the time…I’ll go into a new store with the intention of buying something and there are so many awesome items that I actually end up leaving without having bought anything.


Don’t let IE7 ruin your weekend

Last Friday, around quitting time, fellow Coupa developer Ted and I were pairing up on some tickets and decided to attack one last issue before calling it a night. The ticket we landed on was one I had banged my head against for a few hours and only found dead ends. Even worse, it was a total show-stopper.



Coupa’s Manifesto (c. 2005): Still Being Upheld and Improved Upon

Noah Eisner reflects on Coupa values, then and now

Let me set this up:


Abstraction Breakdown: Table Aliasing in ActiveRecord

A few things I love about Rails:

  • It strongly encourages you to put code in the right place MVC-wise. This feels good, but even more importantly, it enhances maintainability. (This is true both for other developers that might inherit your code and for three-weeks-from-now you.)


Skeletons in /lib: Setting auto_increment in MySQL

Skeletons in /lib is explores the underbelly of Rails apps- the aspects, hacks, and extensions that don’t fit elsewhere, confound new developers, and make each beast unique.


The Top 5 Trending Topics in Supply Chain Management on

Dustin Mattison guest blogs about key trending topics from


Semiconductor Pioneer Avnera Automates Purchasing with Coupa


It’s easy to outgrow manual paper-based purchasing processes in the face of rapid growth. That’s what happened to fabless semiconductor company Avnera. Manual processes and too much paper led to errors, inconsistent purchase orders, missed project deadlines, and even lost orders.


Websense Goes Global with Coupa!

More than 1,500 Websense employees around the world are now live on Coupa,  the leading cloud spend management tool on the market today.  The company uses catalogs and free form requests to manage  the requisition to purchase order to invoice process across 26 different currencies.  


Unexpected Use Cases: Dashboard Mapping Feature Helps Avert Flood Complications

Last week, California got pummeled by a series of storms.  For skiers already up in Lake Tahoe, that’s good news.  For others it meant mudslides, power outages and frequent flooding.


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