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Stion Corporation Goes Live with Coupa in Under Three Weeks

Stion Corp,  a solar photovoltaics company just went live with Coupa procure-to-pay software. A company spokesperson commented on how quick and painless the Coupa implementation was: “I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job of implenting the e-procurement system at our company.”


It’s Amazing What a Simple Thank You Can Do

Coupa Expense Management’s Frugal Meter Adds That Little Something Extra to Encourage a Cost-Conscious Corporate Culture. Coupa's patent-pending Frugal Meter recognizes when employees are being frugal, and when they're not!


HABTM Checkboxes, slightly revised

Many folks, including us, have made use of Ryan Bates’ RailsCast on updating HABTM relationships using checkboxes. We use a slightly revised version that is a little more helper-friendly, in that it doesn’t require any controller code.


Short note on a repeatable starting point for TDD

For testing to be useful, it needs to be repeatable.  Curious, here’s some notes I took when investigating what happens when you run ‘rake spec’.  This also would apply similarly for cucumber.


Procurement’s Got a Seat at the Table: Are You Ready? (Part II)

Yesterday, in Part I, I challenged the procurement profession to seize the day and act upon the opportunities presented by the recent recession to claim their “seat at the table” and prove to top management the unique, strategic value that procurement can bring to the organization. Today I want to help you make that happen!


Procurement’s Got a Seat at the Table: Are You Ready? (Part I)

Now that procurement has been given a seat at the table during the recessionary period – are you ready to seize the day and put your stake in the ground?


Complimentary Report: The State of T&E Expense Management, Aberdeen Group

Just last month the Aberdeen Group published a new research benchmark, The State of T&E Expense Management, based on survey data collected from more than 175 enterprises. The 23-page report utilizes dozens of data points, nine figures and six different tables to show that top-performing organizations are:


Katy Murray, CFO of Taleo, Talks About Spending Smarter With Coupa e-Procurement

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Katy Murray, Chief Financial Officer of Taleo recently to ask her about Taleo’s experience with Coupa e-Procurement. She was full of insight and actual experiences to share, including why Taleo chose Coupa, what Taleo’s procurement process was prior to Coupa, and which Coupa features were most useful for Taleo’s Spend Management.


Wanna Work at Coupa?

Once again, we’re expanding our development team at Coupa.  Even if we want to hire lots of people, we find best success when we bring on 1 or 2 developers at a time.  More hands-on attention which benefits everyone in the long-term.


This Just In! People Don’t Like Dealing With Expense Reports (Video)

With the Feb ‘10 release of the Coupa’s new Expense Management solution, I thought it might be enlightening to do a little field research on what the general public felt about Expense Reports.  So I took to the streets of the SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco, armed with a video camera and a simple question, “How do you feel about expense reports?” The result is this highlight video.


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