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A Buyer’s Guide to Accounts Payable Automation Software

Accounts Payable teams have long suffered from time-consuming, manual processes such as missing invoices and a deluge of paperwork. Adopting AP automation software to maintain continuity not only prepares organizations for future disruptions, but also boosts productivity and efficiency. Find out more about the benefits of AP automation software in this helpful guide.

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Explore current and future trends, barriers, benchmarks, and best practices for Accounts Payable teams.

Read the Levvel Payables Insight Report to review how to: 

  • Digitally transform accounts payable processes to boost organizational efficiency
  • Use automation to support back-office finance teams beyond invoicing–ranging from supplier qualification and relationship management to inventory management
  • Examine your existing AP processes to identify what type of holistic technology is the best suited for your organization
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This report takes organizations through the process of examining their AP function, weighing available options for AP automation, and presenting a buyer’s guide to companies considering the right AP solution.

In order to provide the guidance in this report, Levvel Research surveyed over 300 AP professionals across all seniority levels and organizations of all sizes and industries.

To improve their back-office operations, many organizations are trying to automate more tactical tasks, digitize their processes, improve communication and visibility, strengthen tech security, and use more analytics over the next year.
Levvel Procurement Insight Report


What are a few of the questions that the Levvel Procurement Insight Report answers?

The Levvel Procurement Insight Report provides the primary takeaways from a survey of over 300 procurement professionals. They also summarize the primary procurement employee tasks across the organizations surveyed, the structure of procurement departments, the top issues and challenges that procurement executives face, and how they are prioritizing initiatives relating to back office and business process improvements. Furthermore, the report lists the top goals procurement executives have when it comes to managing their suppliers, their primary methods for placing orders with suppliers, and the benefits that they are finding from the use of procurement software. The report also details the primary barriers that procurement leaders have found when attempting to adopt a third-party procurement solution, and it gauges their interest in eProcurement software, as well as their most probable adoption timeline.

Who did Levvel Research survey for this report?

For this report, Levvel Research surveyed over 300 professionals involved in or with knowledge of their organizational procurement process. The study consists of respondents from all seniority levels, including team members, analysts, middle managers, and executives, as well as all sizes and industries. Sample sizes vary across this report, due to logic that dictated which questions respondents were asked.

What types of procurement software do the survey respondents use?

The majority of procurement respondents (40%) use a third-party procurement automation software tool, while 29% use an ERP-based tool, 18% use non-procurement specific software, 10% use a homegrown tool, and 4% manage procurement manually without a software tool.