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  • Streamlining and automating processes
  • Providing complete visibility into spend and risk
  • Automating manual tasks so you can focus on more strategic objectives
  • Enabling smarter decisions through better data
  • Connecting you to a large, established community of suppliers
  • Empowering you with anonymized spend data from other Coupa customers
  • And much more.

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As a company scales for growth, it becomes ever more important to gain visibility and control of your business spend.

Capturing your spend with digitized procurement, invoicing, and payments is a great place to start resulting in quick wins.

Sign up to learn how Coupa’s cloud-based technology can help you see immediate value from the usability, flexibility, and prescriptive insights that you need for success.

You'll learn how easy it is to:

• Gain control of your business spend with automated, non-bureaucratic processes

• Solve AP’s frustrations by allowing visibility into orders and GL impact in advance

• Leverage the platform to both work with current suppliers and discover new suppliers already onboarded by the Coupa community

• Improve access control and visibility into payment timing and cash impact with various payment rails, such as virtual cards.


If your company is running complex sourcing events—many scenarios, different pricing mechanisms, requisite deep-dive analysis—without leveraging a sourcing optimization tool, you could be leaving opportunities on the table.

Sign up to learn why companies such as Unilever, Danone, & Kimberly-Clark use Coupa’s cloud-based sourcing optimization platform with the usability, flexibility, and compliance needed for strategic sourcing success.

You'll learn how easy it is to:

• Model complex requirements, run scenarios, and use mathematical optimization to evaluate all aspects of supplier offers and identify optimal solutions

• Quickly launch events by cloning spreadsheets, events, or projects and run complex analyses to accelerate decision-making and maximize scarce resources

• Give stakeholders a single dashboard and user experience for real-time visibility into event progress and results


Leaders driving successful supply chain transformation are moving from episodic one-off reviews to continuous design and planning to make smarter, faster decisions as things change. With an outside-in approach, you can consider multiple scenarios and tradeoffs from inbound materials to last-mile distribution—and test the responsiveness of your network before executing a new strategy.

Sign up to learn how Coupa’s Supply Chain Design & Planning technology can help you realize the full potential of your supply chain with a holistic, resilient, and collaborative approach.

You'll learn how easy it is to:

• Build a “digital twin” of your supply chain and understand the flows/costs of how product moves from acquisition to disposition—and touchpoints along the way

• Design and test what-if scenarios to analyze your supply chain's resiliency and anticipate the impact of external factors, customer demand, and new projects before executing on them

• Drive value with intuitive applications that put the power of an optimized supply chain model in the hands of the business user


As organizations work to stretch cash and increase profitability for future growth, the finance function feels the pressure.

Managing business spend, processing invoices, and closing the books on time proves challenging with more transactions from more suppliers meaning more time spent on low-value, administrative tasks.

Sign up to learn how Coupa’s cloud-based technology can help you see immediate value from transforming your AP processes.

You'll learn how easy it is to:

• Implement touchless processing from 80-100% across all invoice types—ultimately minimizing cycle times

• Reduce manual processes to allow AP to scale and focus on more strategic activities

• Contribute to the bottom line by controlling expenditures and surfacing early-payment discounts more quickly

• Provide options for all supplier sizes and incentivize adoption with no supplier fees


Manual work from creating, submitting and reviewing expense reports stops teams from identifying savings opportunities, tracking compliance, and spending time on other value-added activities.

Sign up to learn how Coupa’s cloud-based technology can help you see immediate value from transforming your T&E processes.

You'll learn how easy it is to:

• Encourage compliance with T&E policies using intuitive, touchless processes

• Reduce the need for manual expense audits with automated fraud alerts

• Move post-approved spend to pre-approved spend with AI-prescriptive insights

• Gain savings from automatic monitoring/re-booking of travel spend at lower rates


The responsibility of managing the risk of your third-party relationships falls on you. Learn how to avoid damages to your brand and bottom line.


Can you currently identify how much (and where) your business spends on contingent workers? Learn how you can gain visibility and control over your complex services spend.


When it comes to your contracts, good is not good enough. If your business handles a significant number of contracts, it can be hard to effectively balance creation and negotiation, risk mitigation, and post-execution compliance and management—especially if this is all done manually and without ready access to your contractual data.

Sign up to learn how Coupa’s cloud-based technology can help you see immediate value from transforming your contract lifecycle management processes.

You'll learn how easy it is to:

• Comply as you buy across the full contract lifecycle—from requesting, authoring, collaboration, and execution, to operationalizing contracts for every purchase

• Scale your legal team by automating key tasks and improving workload management

• Know your data to analyze key terms for performance and risk


The Treasurer of tomorrow is driven by data and digitization. Learn how you can transform your cash management workflow and optimize your liquidity with real-time global cash visibility, in-depth cashflow forecasting and greatly simplified bank account management.

Whether we are growing organically or through acquisition, the complexity of our overall spend profile is increasing dramatically. Coupa allows us to manage our supply base more effectively, create insights from reporting and analytics and also help us scale as we continue to grow.
Sean Blitchock, Vice President of Finance and Strategy, Salesforce

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