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Proactive Procurement: The CPO's Five Keys to Success

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Ardent Partners’ Founder and Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini, discuss the five keys that procurement executives can use to drive success.

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Proactive Procurement: The CPO’s Five Keys to Success

They say that the key to success is to start before you’re ready. This could not be more true for CPOs in recent times. That’s because no procurement organization is exactly ready for what comes next in the post-pandemic world, but that has not stopped smart CPOs from taking action today so that they will be.

Watch this on-demand recording to discover the CPO's five keys to success, including:

  • Leveraging technology through a suite approach as part of the long-term view
  • Developing a data-driven foundation to support decision-making
  • Reexamining where possible to reimagine the supply chain
  • Discussing the future of work within procurement and across the enterprise
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