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Discover how AP automation saves time and money allowing your finance team to focus on strategic tasks that add value to your business.

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Benefits of AP Automation

  • Streamline reconciliation and management of payments to suppliers, employees, subsidiaries, and other beneficiaries effortlessly in a centralized platform.
  • Enhance operational efficiency with touchless invoicing and automated digital payments utilizing any payment method.
  • Improve financial health by optimizing cash returns, extending days payable outstanding, and cutting borrowing costs.
  • Gain enhanced control over payments and cash flows, leading to error reduction, fraud prevention, and mitigation of regulatory compliance risks.
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Features of AP Automation

  1. Quickly review invoices or expense reports marked as ready for payment in a single batch
  2. Streamline your invoicing with efficient, accurate, and compliant e-invoicing and payment processes
  3. Increase control and reduce risk with AI-driven fraud detection 
  4. Track, manage, and improve how your organization plans and pays for employee travel
  5. Simplify payment for one-time suppliers using virtual cards, eliminating the need for time-consuming onboarding processes
  6. Utilize built-in processes to facilitate flexible, automated early pay discount programs for all suppliers
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Is AP Automation worth the cost and effort?

In short, yes! If you struggle to gain a complete picture of your company’s spend, your AP teams are bogged down with manual tasks, or you aren’t taking advantage of AI-driven insights and potential savings, AP automation can have a significant impact on your productivity and bottom line.

Does Coupa's AP Automation solution support e-invoicing and tax compliance in different countries?

Coupa customers do not have to manage the complexities of local regulations on their own. As regulations change, Coupa's Compliance as a Service (CaaS) automatically manages the changes to the invoice presentation, so customers don't have to. CaaS also provides additional tax functionality — such as withholding taxes, value added tax (VAT), and more. Coupa supports regulatory requirements for electronic invoicing in more than 50 countries.

What business benefits can an AP Automation solution provide?

Automating your AP processes has the potential to save your business significant dollars and resources by automating workflows and boosting teams’ productivity. It can also save your organization money by ensuring compliance across different markets and flagging fraud with greater accuracy. AP automation that is easy to implement and easy to adopt — like Coupa’s — will be even quicker to show a positive return on investment.

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