Coupa Procure-to-Order

See how Coupa brings the ease of consumer shopping to your procurement process experience. 

Maximize on-contract spend and improve supplier collaboration with a unified, user-friendly, and AI-driven approach to procure-to-order processes.

Coupa Procurement

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Enhanced User Experience

  • Select between a Google-style search or opt for a guided buying experience
  • Instant access to all existing contracts, suppliers, software, goods, and services, including internal licenses acquired by your team
  • Seamlessly add items to your shopping cart with auto-populated information for efficient review
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Benefits of Procure-to-Order

  • Real-time monitoring of spending against budgets, including pending and in-progress transactions
  • Utilization of a dynamic approval chain, ensuring only relevant approvers are involved based on the request
  • Capture key ESG and risk data, then weave it across all your spend processes to inform key decisions
  • Issue one-time virtual credit cards for instant payments with little to no onboarding required for your suppliers
  • Ability to approve via the mobile app, email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams for added convenience and accessibility
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The Power of Prescriptive Insights

Coupa utilizes pre-defined goals and AI to direct AP toward actionable steps for optimizing your procurement process.

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How does Coupa's procure-to-order solution help to detect fraud and manage risk?

When you bring your procure-to-order process into a single, unified platform, you’ll streamline the buying process, eliminate maverick spend, and collaborate with low-risk suppliers. AI-driven insights also identify potential fraud as well as opportunities to mitigate risk.

What is the process for onboarding and collaborating with suppliers in Coupa procure-to-order?

Coupa’s procure-to-order solution simplifies supplier collaboration. Easy, no-fees onboarding and a single supplier login help to drive high supplier adoption and use.

How quickly can I get started with Coupa's procure-to-order solution?

Coupa is easy to implement, easy to adopt, and easy to use — for internal teams and suppliers alike. Intelligent intake and orchestration also simplifies the purchasing process for intuitive buying and easy, real-time tracking.

Efficient and Effective Financial Control

Coupa procurement provides ease-of-use for the buyer and a touchless experience for the back office.

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