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See how Coupa speeds up sourcing and captures more savings.

Streamline your process by identifying savings opportunities, soliciting bids, engaging stakeholders for evaluation, drafting contracts, and onboarding suppliers, all within a single platform.

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Key benefits of Source-to-Contract

  • Use pre-built templates and guided workflows to handle any type of event
  • Automatically pull in pricing and agreed terms from new suppliers
  • Onboard new suppliers quickly and easily using AI to vet and monitor the performance of your supplier base
  • Access a 10+ million supplier database, use AI-driven insights to identify low-risk choices
  • Leverage AI to automate steps of contract creation

All of this improves your organization's source-to-contract efforts.

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Explore Strategic Sourcing

Users efficiently create events by utilizing templates or duplicating past events, enabling Coupa to preload essential information like terms, conditions, related documents, and event team members.

Easily incorporate suppliers into your events from your trusted supplier portal or tap into a wide selection of pre-rated, pre-enabled suppliers available within the Coupa community.

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Lower Costs and Risk with Sourcing Insights

  • Harness the collective intelligence of the Coupa Community AI to gauge the effectiveness of your planned, negotiated, and estimated savings against industry benchmarks.
  • Receive tailored recommendations to optimize potential savings.
  • Empower your team to discover and engage with new sourcing opportunities, ensuring the selection of the most suitable suppliers.
  • Realize negotiated savings immediately, driving tangible value for your organization.
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Is source-to-contract the same as procurement?

Source-to-contract — which focuses specifically on the activities involved in finding suppliers, gathering bids, and managing contracts — is a subset of the overall procurement process. When a company’s source-to-contract processes are optimized, it creates an effective procurement function.

Procurement, on the other hand, encompasses all activities related to the buying of goods and services for the company. It doesn’t just include sourcing, but also strategic decision-making in managing supplier relationships, optimizing the entire supply chain, driving cost savings, improving invoicing, and meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

You can think of source-to-contract as the strategic upstream of procurement processes. When done right, it creates value downstream for procurement.

What event types are available in Coupa’s sourcing?

Coupa offers three types of sourcing events: RFx events, English reverse auctions, and Dutch reverse auctions.

RFx events include a request for information (RFI), a request for quote (RFQ), and a request for proposal (RFP). RFx events are ideal for simple and complex procurement but are most often used for strategic or high-value procurement.

English reverse auctions typically have one buyer and many sellers. Sellers (or suppliers) place bids and force others to drive down their prices. The seller with the lowest bid at the end of the auction is marked as the winner.

Dutch reverse auctions are controlled by the buyer, who sets a low price and continues to increase the price by a set amount until a supplier accepts it. The auction occurs within a specific time interval.

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Lower overhead costs, optimize operational efficiency, and uncover opportunities to save with Coupa's Source-to-Contract.

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