AI-Powered Intake Done Right.

See how Coupa drives the highest levels of user adoption in the industry with AI-Powered user experiences, pre-negotiated deals, and intelligent workflows.

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AI-Powered Intake

  • Coupa's intake forms feature simple questions that leverage AI technology to cross-reference related catalog items and licenses efficiently
  • Our AI Assistant anticipates responses by analyzing the user's historical interactions, thereby streamlining the user's experience and saving valuable time
  • Coupa's AI scans for potential risks in real-time, seamlessly integrating the appropriate processes for each request automatically

All of this makes it easy for users to get their job done quickly.

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Pre-Negotiated Deals

Coupa has used its $5 trillion buying power to negotiate the best deals so that we can get users what they need quickly at the best price.

We give users instant access to pre-negotiated items from leading suppliers across the globe.

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Intelligent Workflows

  • Users are able to self-service their buying needs
  • Coupa coordinates the necessary people, data, and systems to efficiently process each request
  • Notifications ensure users remain informed about the status of their requests, regardless of their location or preferred communication channel, be it through web, app, email, Slack, or Teams
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What is the adoption rate among users who utilize Coupa?

Coupa boasts the highest levels of user adoption and spend under management. Thanks to Coupa AI-Assist, opening purchase orders is effortless for end-users.

As evidence of our effectiveness, we maintain an impressive 95% purchase order-back spend rate.

What additional features can we expect from Coupa in the near future?

We are excited to announce the upcoming integration allowing users to initiate intake requests directly from Slack and Teams, enhancing convenience and productivity for our users.

A Game-Changing User Experience

The combination of AI-driven intake processes, pre-negotiated deals, and intelligent workflows promises to bring smiles to all stakeholders.

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