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Learn how to:

  • Quickly digitize procurement, invoicing, and payments for immediate ROI and time savings
  • Provide AP with advance visibility into orders and impact on GL
  • Easily manage multiple suppliers and onboard new suppliers
  • Attain complete visibility into payment timing and cash impact
  • Make better decisions based on real-time data
  • And much more.
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How much visibility and control do you have of your business spend? 

Find out how Coupa provides immediate ROI by enabling you to first capturing your spend by digitizing procurement, invoicing, and payments.

Request this on-demand demo to learn how Coupa provides immediate value by providing ease-of-use, flexibility, and prescriptive insights to guide you to procurement, invoicing, and payments success.

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How does Coupa enhance and optimize procurement processes?

Because Coupa is designed to provide the same ease-of-use as consumer shopping, you can attain the high employee adoption rate that will ensures full visibility and control of spend. Moreover, Coupa saves employees the time they formerly wasted on manual processes, so they have more time to focus on strategic business needs.

Coupa allows you to maximize spend under management by simplifying the purchase requisition and order processes. By tracking them in real time, you can get the maximum pre-approved spend to flow through your procurement system.

By ensuring more of your spend is pre-approved, it is easier to attain full visibility across the purchase-to-pay processes. Moreover, you'll have the control over spend that is essential for compliance.

Coupa procurement software also guides employees through the buying process, so that they are made aware of preferred products and services and you can take better advantage of discounted pricing and other advantageous terms.

A seamless part of Coupa Procure is Coupa Open Buy, which provides a centralized area to compare items across your supply base, thus reducing rogue spending and maximizing cost savings.

By providing flexible forms and spot-buy capabilities, Coupa procurement automation software also helps your employees to provide the right data for SOW-based services. Coupa also tracks delivery and service performance by enabling providers to submit timesheets and work details electronically.

Coupa also enables you to understand impact of procurement activities on the budget before they are approved, using real-time budget management. You can track each budget goal against real-time spend to ensure there's sufficient budget before you commit to an expenditure.

Coupa also provides Spend Guard, which allows you to efficiently manage third-party risk and detect fraud. Coupa leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to automatically identify errors and fraud.

Using email and mobile approvals, Coupa speeds up the approval process so that anyone in the approval chain, regardless of location or device, can check the status of purchasing requisitions and easily approve or reject them.

Coupa Procure also enables you to streamline your purchasing requisition and purchase order processes by easily tracking and managing purchase orders in real time. The end results is reduced cycle time and costs.

Coupa's procurement solution also provides real-time visibility into inventory availability, enabling you to minimize redundant spend and cut waste.

In addition, Coupa Procure can leverage a central contract repository to easily find contract terms and conditions. This proactive contract management and contract enforcement helps to ensure that you always take advantage of the discounts and beneficial terms that were negotiated.

How does Coupa Invoicing Management benefit your company?

By transforming your manual AP processes, Coupa Invoicing Management facilitates efficient, accurate, and timely e-invoicing processing, freeing up your accounts payable team to focus on more important projects.

Coupa Invoicing Management aims to reduce paper invoices and digitize manual processes, which will save time and reduce errors.

With touchless invoice billing and processing, Coupa enables you to automatically pay matched invoices and bill them to the right expense accounts. As a result, your cost-per-invoice falls significantly.

Coupa also lets you take advantage of early payment discounts or conserve cash by increasing days payable outstanding.

With Coupa invoicing automation, you can give your suppliers a variety of options for electronic invoicing, without fees. This facilitates e-invoice adoption and saves valuable time.

Coupa facilitates automation by only requiring manual review when you exceed a certain invoice matching tolerance level of your choice. Moreover, since reviewers can approve from mobile devices and receive automated reminders, the process is much faster and greatly reduces the need for manual follow-up. Plus, Coupa provides benchmarking and trend analysis, which make it much easier to find problems that cause bottlenecks and to reduce cost-per-invoice.

With Coupa, you can set up invoice automation on your AP's inbox, which saves time, minimizes errors, decreases the burden on your suppliers. Coupa also provides templates to enable the automation of full invoice data extraction if PDF invoices that suppliers email to you.

Another component of Coupa Invoicing Management is Spend Guard, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to automatically detect fraud and errors.

In addition, Coupa's Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) helps you stay up-to-date on changing regulations. Before issuing an invoice, you can automatically validate compliance requirements that are specific to each country.

How does Coupa improve the payments process?

With Coupa Pay, you gain full visibility of payments, which formerly would have been difficult due to organizational silos and their resulting blind spots.

Using touchless invoicing and automatic digital payments with any payment method, Coupa also improves operational efficiency, saving valuable time and money.

Coupa Pay also enables you to optimize your financial health by maximizing your return on cash, stretching days payable outstanding, and reducing your costs to borrow.

With greater control over payments and cash flows, you'll reduce errors, prevent fraud, and minimize regulatory compliance risk.

Because Coupa Pay provides one place for all of your payments, you can automatically and easily reconcile and track all your payments to suppliers, employees, subsidiaries, and other beneficiaries. Coupa Pay gives you quick visibility into the status of payments, streamlines supplier onboarding, facilitates payment processing, and minimizes efforts to maintain your payment infrastructure.