Coupa Treasury

The future of Treasury is determined by digitalization and data visibility. Watch our brief on-demand demo video to learn how to:

  • advance cash and liquidity management with real-time global cash visibility
  • enhance cashflow forecasting, and
  • streamline bank account management
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Watch Treasury Demo Video

Watch this brief on-demand demo and learn how to:

  • Transform your cash management process for real-time visibility and control
  • Improve financial performance by optimizing liquidity
  • Minimize the risk from errors, fraud, and compliance issues
  • Enhance cash forecasting with transparency across processes and functions
  • Advance payments with bank connectivity and comprehensive payment management
  • Boost banking relationships
  • And much more.
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Coupa Treasury Unlocks Full Cash Visibility and Enables Business Agility

Coupa Treasury enables organizations to optimize liquidity and spend by achieving greater visibility and transparency, increasing agility and improving forecasting and planning. 

Businesses are empowered to improve operational performance with automation across multiple subsidiaries, currencies, accounts and users and to mitigate security, compliance and liquidity risk.

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The brief demo videos were very helpful, especially since we were able to select the topics that were of most interest to us and then view only those brief videos.
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What are the main advantages of using a cash management solution?

Increase visibility into cash and liquidity to improve agility and make timely and informed decisions about business growth, investments, funding and cash forecasting.

Minimize liquidity risks with accurate cash forecasting by having full visibility into the company’s cash position, allows organizations to accurately forecast cash flow to ensure liquidity, while also reducing borrowing costs.

Optimize cash with full cash visibility across bank accounts to maximize cash and manage “net yield on liquidity” - balancing interest paid and interest gained.
Improve operational performance with automated cash management, reducing/eliminating manual work, error and fraud-prone risks.

What are the key benefits of Coupa Treasury?

* Increased agility and financial resilience at times of uncertainty
* Full control of organization’s finances
* Informed financial decisions backed by data
* Accurate short and long-term forecasting
* Optimized liquidity
* Reduced liquidity, hedging and trading risks