Point Solutions Are Pointless: The CFO's Guide to Tech Stack Consolidation

Nearly three in five CFOs say they have to look across multiple point solutions and systems to access their company’s spend data, a process that slows down operations and can delay crucial business decisions by several days. Finance leaders need up-to-date data at their fingertips, but often lack a platform that seamlessly integrates with their ERP and connects processes in one place. How can leaders gain this full visibility and control? What difference would it make in their ROI and business performance? 

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Reduce redundant software and boost performance with a Business Spend Management (BSM) platform 

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  • The benefits of tech stack consolidation via a BSM platform
  • Key criteria when evaluating your tech stack and solutions 
  • How a unified platform can optimize business performance, improve efficiency, and strengthen cash flow

In the best of times, delays and inconsistencies in data across multiple systems are an inconvenience. But amid economic uncertainty or during times of growth, they can undermine the organization’s ability to adapt to new challenges that arise. Without full control and visibility over spend, finance leaders aren’t able to respond quickly and make the most strategic decisions. This powerful guide will empower you to streamline your tech stack to unlock new levels of efficiency, innovation, and business performance. 


Why is consolidating my tech stack important?

Tech stack consolidation refers to the process of streamlining and reducing the number of software applications and tools used within your business. It helps eliminate software redundancies, improve efficiency, and streamline operations. By consolidating your tech stack, you can save costs, improve data visibility, enhance collaboration, and execute faster, better decisions.

How can I use this e-book?

This e-book will help you discover where point solutions are holding back your company’s success and how tech stack consolidation can help you reach your business goals. It will also serve as a tool to evaluate your current tech stack and find the best solution for your organization’s needs.

What does Business Spend Management (BSM) have to do with tech stack consolidation?

A unified BSM platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with other tools and systems within your tech stack. This unification eliminates manual data entry, improves visibility across different business processes, and ensures data consistency. It also saves you from costly redundancies and empowers you to maximize the value of your existing software investments.