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How Mid-Market Companies Are Implementing AP Automation

Download Ardent Partners’ AP Pulse on the Mid-Market e-book to learn:

  • How mid-market companies are benchmarking Accounts Payable processes
  • Top priorities and challenges in AP operations
  • Guidance on how to gain more visibility into invoice and payment data and address common issues.

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Access Extensive Benchmark Research from Ardent Partners

This e-book is the result of extensive research by Ardent Partners, which has done more studies on Accounts Payable (AP) than any other consultancy firm. Based on their benchmarks of thousands of mid-market companies, they are in the best position to advise mid-market companies on the current best practices for ePayables processes, whether they be in Receipt, Process, or Pay.

Download the e-book to see how your Accounts Payables processes measure up against industry best practices, find solutions to your most common challenges, and to guide your organization in its efforts to streamline and automate payments and invoicing processes.

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"Paper and manual invoice processing remain a problem for many mid-market enterprises. Not surprisingly, nearly 70% have prioritized AP automation in 2022. The result of this attention was a 48% increase (since last year) in appreciation for AP's value to the overall enterprise. Sixty-eight percent of mid-market enterprises now view AP as 'exceptionally or very valuable' and recognize the critical part it serves as an operation supporting enterprise objectives and as a 'hub of intelligence."
Ardent Partners' AP Pulse on the Mid-Market in 2022

Access Game-Changing Metrics on AP Processes

By establishing relevant metrics, you can understand the current strengths and weaknesses of your payments, invoicing, and other financial processes. And by comparing your metrics to the benchmarks of best-in-class AP teams, you can focus your efforts on your weaknesses. Download the e-book from Ardent Partners for a guide to this potentially game-changing benchmarking effort.

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How did Ardent Partners generate the recommendations in this e-book?

Ardent Partners has benchmarked thousands of distinct mid-market enterprises (defined as those having annual revenues between $50 million and $500 million) across all phases of its proprietary ePayables framework - Receipt, Process, and Pay. Ardent Partners' AP Pulse on the Mid-Market in 2022 e-book draws on data from the marketplace, curated by Ardent Partners' market-leading research team, and is a compilation of knowledge and benchmarks needed by mid-market enterprises ("MME") to gain key insights into accounts payable operations including top priorities and challenges facing AP today.

What are the top priorities for mid-market AP teams in 2022?

1. Improve B2B payment reporting and data analytics
2. Implement B2B payments automation
3. Eliminate paper check payments

What are the top challenges that AP teams are facing?

1. Invoice exceptions
2. Long invoice & payment approval times
3. High invoice processing costs
4. Lack of visibility into invoice and payment data
5. Working remotely

What are some helpful benchmarks to evaluate AP process efficiency?

1. Invoice processing cost
2. Invoice processing time
3. Percent of invoices processed straight through
4. Invoice exception rate
5. Time spent handling inquiries
6. Top payment strategies

To find out how you compare to average figures for each of these benchmarks, download the E-book.