A Strategic Framework for Platform Implementation

For some, the thought of software implementation may be overwhelming and sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following best practices derived from experts, you can streamline your Business Spend Management (BSM) platform implementation, maximize ROI, and set your business up for success before, during, and after project completion.

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Implement Once and Implement Right

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  • How to ensure your implementation strategy meets your current needs and supports your future growth 
  • The differences and considerations in implementation approaches: In-House vs. Partner-Led 
  • Four key considerations when evaluating implementation partners
  • The importance of an implementation strategy that considers your existing ERP and other technology
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Embracing software implementation shouldn’t be a challenge. Armed with expert guidance and strategic approaches, you can seamlessly integrate a BSM platform into your business processes and technology and unlock all of the advantages that come with it. This framework will help you understand critical considerations in the implementation journey, from initial planning to post-launch support. Gain the confidence to navigate your implementation and make informed decisions when selecting the ideal implementation partner.

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Why is implementation key to the overall success of a BSM platform?

A seamless implementation process is vital for successful platform deployment as it minimizes disruptions, accelerates value realization, enhances user adoption, and fosters stakeholder confidence. It establishes a strong foundation for your company’s long-term goals and the effectiveness of the platform within your organization.

How can I use this e-book?

This e-book will help you understand the right questions to ask during the requirements gathering phase, implementation strategy options, and the key criteria when evaluating implementation partners. This framework will also serve as an educational starting point for your implementation journey and guide you through selecting the best options for your organization.