The Strategic CFO: Rebuilding Confidence & Unlocking the Potential of AI

Coupa’s second annual Strategic CFO Survey reveals a widespread loss of confidence across finance leaders and investigates the tension between opportunities and apprehensions around artificial intelligence (AI). 

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Key Findings

90% of finance leaders are concerned about hitting sales targets

45% plan to invest in AI to drive growth, but 89% have doubts about successful AI implementation

43% are unable to make informed decisions due to data challenges

Unlock Exclusive 2024 Insights: Top CFO Concerns & Strategic Priorities

Confidence, reinforced by your organization’s financial processes and operations, is your competitive edge. But in today's unpredictable market, even the most seasoned CFOs have doubts. In our Strategic CFO Survey, Coupa uncovers a looming loss of CFO confidence in the market, legacy systems, and new technology that’s shifting decision-making, priorities, and investments in 2024. This report equips finance leaders with the insights needed to navigate the year effectively while capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

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AI: A Battle Between Anticipation and Apprehensions

AI is a buzzword everyone's talking about but as a CFO, prudent analysis is more important than blind hype. In this exclusive report, Coupa reveals how CFOs are currently using AI and unveils their next AI investment plans. This new report explores finance leaders' biggest considerations when using AI across their organization.

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  • How to use crucial insights and priorities from CFOs to inform your 2024 strategies
  • The top reasons why 90% of CFOs have doubts about hitting sales targets
  • How opportunities and challenges surrounding AI and Generative AI are reshaping finance
  • How to overcome data difficulties and compliance complexities that prevent organizational progress
  • How AI-driven platforms can help CFOs gain visibility, control, and agility to drive growth, smart operations, and confident decisions
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