The Hackett Digital World Class Matrix™ P2P Solution Provider Perspective

Today’s CEOs and CFOs are under immense pressure to drive profitability, which means making more money while spending less. Leaders who take the time now to identify the best procure-to-pay solutions will be able to transform simple AP and procurement tasks into strategic business initiatives that ultimately drive resiliency and efficiency.

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Drive procure-to-pay optimization with a comprehensive solution

Read The Hackett Digital World Class Matrix™ P2P Solution Provider Perspective to learn:

  • How to evaluate software based on procure-to-pay best practices
  • Which solutions are best for procure-to-pay digitization based on your needs
  • What value realization customers can expect from leading solutions
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Unlocking value by optimizing procure-to-pay processes

In an era marked by rapid changes, procure-to-pay platforms play a pivotal role in ensuring organizations not only survive, but thrive, in today’s competitive landscape. The best procure-to-pay solutions are flexible enough to accommodate evolving business needs while offering optimal user experiences and equipping leaders with valuable spend insights.

In this report, you will learn how to identify and select a procure-to-pay solution that will act as a strategic asset and fuel continuous growth for your business.

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Global complexities, risks and challenges continue to focus buyers on modernizing their purchase-to-pay (P2P) platforms to drive standardized, compliant, automated processes with an enhanced user experience.
The Hackett Digital World Class Matrix™ P2P Solution Provider Perspective


What are some questions that this report answers?

The Hackett Digital World Class Matrix™ P2P Solution Provider Perspective offers takeaways from The Hackett Group’s evaluation of providers within the procure-to-pay software market. In addition to providing insights into how new solutions can drive procurement optimization, the analyst report also offers a value-driven framework for evaluating best-in-class solutions. The report concludes with a procure-to-pay solutions ranking across 10 providers for organizations to consider.

Why should companies consider a new procure-to-pay solution?

In today’s environment, embracing new procure-to-pay software can be a strategic investment that yields significant benefits. Beyond simply driving procurement process improvement and efficiencies, modern procure-to-pay solutions help businesses mitigate risk and accelerate strategic initiatives such as ESG. Organizations that leverage best-in-class procure-to-pay software are able to implement procurement best practices faster with fewer resources.

How are solution providers selected for participation?

During the initial scoping and design phase of the analyst report, The Hackett Group analysts and subject matter experts established inclusion criteria for the study. Solution providers are included only if they meet the inclusion criteria.

What criteria was used to rate the solution providers?

For this study, The Hackett Group evaluated solution providers based on a combination of capability breadth, value realization, and solution maturity. They rated solution providers on a set of core procure-to-pay capabilities (such as requisition to PO, invoice processing, supplier onboarding, and more) and also analyzed a customer data set to determine customers’ speed to value and achievement against key performance metrics.

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