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Choosing the Perfect P2P Partner

Hear from Reba Cox, Director of Procurement, on why MongoDB chose Coupa to derisk their organization, ensure scalability, and provide full visibility into their cash position. 

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Key Takeaways

  1. P2P Platform Selection: Unveiling MongoDB's transition from unsuitable tools to an effective platform
  2. End-User Adoption: The strategic advantages of seamless tool utilization for stakeholders and colleagues, minimizing training needs
  3. Legal Approval Automation: A deep dive into the legal approval workflow and its impact on accelerating purchase order processing times
  4. Automated Purchase Orders: Mechanisms and merits of efficient spend tracking through automated purchase order management
  5. Virtual Credit Cards: Understanding how virtual credit cards work and their numerous advantages
Watch the Webinar
As a procurement leader, you want to eliminate areas where your team can fail. Anything that is manual is a high risk for failure.
Reba Cox


How did MongoDB approach the software selection process?

They recognized that the ineffective tools were not being utilized for daily tasks. They collated requisites from colleagues and stakeholders and weighed them against the available software choices. Their investigation revealed that their fundamental requirements were imperative, not merely desirable. Ultimately, they fought with facts, not feelings, leading them to choose the software that aligned with their essential needs. To uncover MongoDB's key prerequisites, tune into the webinar.

What prompted MongoDB's shift from their prior point solutions?

They sought a solution that would actually be used by stakeholders, and one that was capable of expanding and evolving alongside MongoDB's growth. They initiated their journey with Coupa's foundational platform, progressively incorporating attributes such as security, legal compliance, and reporting as their operations expanded. The foundational platform served as an entry point, enabling rapid setup and familiarization before the integration of additional features. This approach significantly minimized the need for extensive training. For an insight into how their investment in Coupa influenced their return on investment, watch the webinar.

How did Coupa contribute to broader aspects of MongoDB's operations?

The analytical and reporting capabilities enabled the creation of custom dashboards for their high-volume personnel. For instance, the marketing team could track trends in both significant and minor events. Executive assistants gained insights into invoice utilization for upcoming offsite events. Secure blocks were implemented to restrict teams' access to only view relevant purchase orders and invoices to their department. Coupa reports real-time data, eliminating the need for manual tracking between budgets and actual spending. To explore additional ways in which Coupa assisted various departments, tune into the webinar.

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