and KPMG Join Coupa for a Webinar for CIOs

How BSM Provides CIOs with a Fast Track to Results

Learn how Business Spend Management (BSM) provides the processes to improve an organization’s ability to track, analyze, and control its spending.

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BSM is a low-risk, high-impact strategic initiative that can deliver immediate cost savings. It can also be used to unlock secondary benefits including supply chain efficiencies, ethical sourcing, responsible growth, and sustainable business transformation.

ERP systems are not designed with the specific demands of spend management in mind. Coupa’s cloud-native BSM platform can be seamlessly integrated with and extend an organization’s existing ERP system.

KPMG brings cross-industry experience along with years of Coupa-enabled procurement transformation experience. KPMG and Coupa will help you align the right people, tools, technologies and processes to ensure adoption and long-term success.

Featured Speakers
Annie McMillan, KPMG
Annie McMillan
Principle, Advisory, Procurement and Outsourcing
Anthony Tate, Coupa
Anthony Tate
Director of Product Marketing
Peter Truman, Coupa
Peter Truman
Director, Global Tech. Solutions Consulting