Expense management software with business expense report automation, visibility and control for finance, and usability that employees love!

Get meaningful visibility and control from business expense report management while making sure that the bottom line question, 'When will I get paid?' has a faster and more delightful answer. From your employees on the road to your accounting team at corporate, and all the approvers in between, Coupa's business expense management software solution is a breath of fresh air. Coupa's unrelenting focus on ease-of-use for all users translates into expense report management software that simplifies business expense report entry, streamlines review, eliminates paper pushing, and reduces administrative effort.

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Expenses Product Overview

"Because it’s cloud-based, Coupa Expenses can integrate with other systems and automatically create a detailed expense report right when the spend occurs, even if it’s for travel and it’s weeks before the trip." — David Williams, VP of Technology & Co-Founder, Coupa Software

Coupa Named A Leader

In this report Paystream evaluates 11 leading expense providers on multiple categories including international expense management.

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Get meaningful visibility and control from a business expense report management software application that employees actually love using.

Electronic Capture
Automatically load data from credit card and travel providers using the expense management software.

Give Employees a Head Start
Automatically default business expense lines and categories with multi-day allocation and automated itemization with Coupa's travel and expense management software. Learn More>

Business Expense Reports On the Go
Automated business expense reporting on the go using the Mobile app, including voice capture. Learn More>

Encourage Responsible Spending
Give ‘kudos’ to employees in real time for responsible spending and adhering to business expense policies. Learn More>

Speedy, Meaningful Approvals
Flag out-of-policy spend lines to increase review quality and efficiency.

Manage by Exception
Automatically identify fraudulent or suspect spend patterns for further attention and investigation.

Visibility to all Spend
Eliminate surprises, run ad-hoc queries, and understand your performance with benchmarks. Learn More>

Stay Audit-ready
Use electronic archiving which is efficient, effective and saves the cost of off-site paper storage.

Optimize Business Expense Policies
Update business expense and expense report policies when needed - without requiring an IT ticket.

International Expenses
Implement the same expense management system to support your operations anywhere in the world, for local compliance and expanded global visibility. Learn More >

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Smarter Expense Management with Coupa

Legacy paper and spreadsheet-based expense reporting processes are anathema to road warriors and AP teams alike. But rather than simply automating the process, Coupa’s Expense Management uses mobile and cloud technology to lighten the burden and let leaders rethink and transform their processes. Coupa Expense Management offers more than the usual trade-offs between user satisfaction and corporate control: It gives you more of both.

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Features at a Glance


Automatically pre-populate Expense Lines, Categories and provide smart defaults. Easily administer and reconcile all business expense reports and transactions.

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Encourage responsible behavior and drive business expense compliance.

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Quickly create and approve business expense reports on the go using familiar capabilities on your mobile devices such as the camera, voice and email.

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Reviewers get notified by smart approval policies about violations and budget impact.

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