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coupa app marketplace
coupa app marketplace

Common questions

What is the Coupa App Marketplace Program?

The Coupa App Marketplace Program is an app certification and co-marketing program. It helps software companies market and sell their solutions on the Coupa App Marketplace — the enterprise app store where Coupa customers can extend the capabilities of their spend management platform. The apps available solve unique business challenges, including global tax compliance, complex ERP integrations, ESG monitoring, and more. 

What are the benefits of joining the program?

When you're accepted into the program and complete the certification process, you'll reach and sell apps to a growing Coupa customer base, receive technical assistance from experts, and gain inside access to Coupa product roadmaps and technology. It’s an opportunity to grow your business with support from Coupa.

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How do I know if this program is right for me?

The program is designed for software product vendors who want to grow revenue through an effective co-selling and marketing channel. You’ll build on the Coupa platform, leverage marketing engines, and coordinate selling opportunities with Coupa’s Sales Team. While we help with marketing and support your selling activities, you will be responsible for the development and maintenance of your certified apps and integrations. There is an App Marketplace Program Agreement and an annual program fee.

How does my team build apps and integrations for the Coupa Platform?

Start building your solution with a variety of integration points on Coupa's platform. Check out our user guide and core API and CVS download formats to get started. Plus, Coupa product and technical consultants will work to guide you at every step of the build and integration journey.

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How does the co-marketing process work?

After your app is certified, you'll work with the App Marketplace Marketing Team to develop strong co-marketing strategies. The process starts with listing your app on the Coupa App Marketplace. You’ll fill out a listing template and seek approval, which typically takes two to four weeks. You’ll then create co-branded digital assets – including social posts, blog posts, product videos, and more. You'll also develop assets to educate Coupa's Sales Team on the benefits of your certified app, helping drive sales. Based on your membership level, you’ll partner with us on certain types of external marketing and sales initiatives, but all program members receive basic marketing support throughout the year.

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Explore the Coupa App Marketplace

Start your journey to the App Marketplace

coupa app marketplace

Step 1: Apply

Begin the certification process

If you’re ready to get your app certified, fill out the application form. The App Marketplace Program Team will review your eligibility and guide you on the next steps. Typically, those steps include learning about Coupa products, Coupa Platform APIs, and Marketplace categories.

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coupa app marketplace

Step 2: Develop

Build your app

Start building your solution with a variety of integration points on Coupa's platform. Get expert guidance from solution value design to technical support at every stage of development, along with access to Coupa Platform training for your team.

Get core API and data formats
coupa certified

Step 3: Certify

Get your app certified

We aim for every app to be secure, reliable, and adhere to all regulatory requirements. To deliver the best possible experience to our customers, we work with you to certify your app. The Coupa App Marketplace Solution Consulting team will review your information, test your app, and provide guidance to optimize its performance. Once the app review is complete, you'll work with the Marketing Team to finalize the app listing document. Upon approval, your app will then be certified and made available on the Coupa App Marketplace.

coupa app marketplace

Step 4: Go To Market

Start marketing your solution

To boost the discovery of your app, our marketing team will provide access to pre-built templates so you can easily create digital assets and sales materials. We assist in lead generation management, email marketing, an app video, sales training, and more.