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How to Evolve to Two-speed IT

It used to be that IT had one set of customers, and they were internal, and one system to maintain: The ERP. Fast forward 10 years and people are using mobile applications in every aspect of their daily lives, using social media to communicate more with pictures than words,…Read blog post

Zero-based budgeting revival: What’s different this time around

Over the past several years, zero-based budgeting has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts. In contrast to the traditional budgeting process, where managers take historical budgets as a starting point, and add or cut by a percentage depending on the business climate and the company’s goals, with zero-based budgeting, all…Read blog post

How to boost your career and profession: Tell your success story

  • December 05, 2017
  • |
  • Kevin Turner
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  • Coupa
In my role as Vice President of Customer Success Marketing, a big part of my job is recruiting customers to tell their Coupa success stories on video. That’s an easy yes for some customers. Others are not so sure. I’m here to tell you that telling your success story…Read blog post

The new way to manage supplier risk: Big data and fast action

Back in May, Coupa acquired a startup called Riskopy, builders of a product called Risk Aware. After working with early access customers to integrate the product to their Coupa instances, we announced the general availability of Risk Aware at Inspire EMEA in October.   We’ve also integrated Riskopy co-founder Ahmad Sadeddin as senior…Read blog post

Machine learning: Understanding its potential and limits

Machine learning is being talked about an awful lot in the business world these days, and rightfully so, since we’ve made big strides with it in just the past few years. We are finally starting to see some exciting applications in a wide variety of industries. However, the way…Read blog post