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Across the globe, we are experiencing an unprecedented disruption to our standard ways of working. To combat the impact of COVID-19, businesses have transformed their workforces into remote offices virtually overnight. As IT leaders, our #1 job is to ensure business continuity This is especially critical in times of uncertainty.…Read blog post
  • March 24, 2020
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  • Rob Bernshteyn | Coupa Software CEO & Chairman
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  • Business Strategy
From: The Chairpersons of many Boards of Directors   To: Procurement Everywhere – Please Step Up and Lead...  It's been a long time coming, and no one wanted it to occur under these circumstances, but procurement is now a primary focus of attention at your company. It’s time to show everyone…Read blog post
Every quarter, we publish the Coupa Business Spend Index (BSI), a leading indicator of economic growth based on analyzing business spend decisions of hundreds of companies that use the Coupa platform. We do this to provide businesses with insights into where the economy is going over the next three-to-six months…Read blog post
  • March 16, 2020
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  • Jeff Collins, Ph.D.
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  • Coupa
The U.S. has experienced the longest period of economic expansion in history. Prior to the global outbreak of the coronavirus, many forecasters were predicting a recession in the future, but that future was likely at some point in 2021. The coronavirus has significantly altered those predictions. The key questions being…Read blog post
We know that comparing our spend performance to others in our industry offers substantial value. When we compare our company’s performance to reliable industry benchmarks, we can both identify savings opportunities and improve our efficiencies across source-to-contract, procure-to-pay, and expense management processes.  The challenge with business spend benchmarking...…Read blog post